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Prisoners of War


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Ok, here's the situation - tomorrow, I've got to teach my first non-PLQ lesson, something that wouldn't normally be cause for concern. Unfortunately, the subject which I must teach - taking, securing, searching, and moving POW's - is one in which I am unable to find any clearly marked PAM in the Army Electronic Library.

Now, I'm fairly certain that with my own knowledge and intuition I could cobble together a lesson that would get the message across - but seeing as how this is my beginning of my military teaching career, I wouldn't mind doing it "right", and using PAMs instead of my own knowledge base. (Besides, doesn't Army.ca count as one of the tools at my disposal?)

I know that tomorrow night I'll have to make sure that I find a more efficient place in which to locate PAMs, but could anyone point me in the right direction? 
I have something done up that we use out here. If you're interested PM me and I'll see if I can shoot it out to you in time for the weekend.
Well MP 00161 has beat me to it.
nULL, this is the doc I was going to track down for you.
Well, much thanks guys, that PAM will help. Cheers!