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Previous drug use question 2002 - 2018 [Merged]

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I have heard that any lies/misleading information given during the application process will come back and bite a person in the hind end, so naturally, I do not want to lie on my application. What is the Canadian Forces stand on past drug use, specifically marijuana? Future use on my part is not an issue - it‘s not going to happen. I know that there is a urine test (not a problem, it takes 3 - 45 days to pass urine that will pass tests), but what about the medical questionnaire? Is stuff like that even on it? Do they ask about things that may give a false positive on tests (ie: Ibuprofen can cause a false positive for marijuana) This is something I have not been able to get a really straight answer on,  so any information would be really helpful.
Just stop doing it and fess up, and like you say do not tell any lies.
Marijunana itself probably shouldn‘t give you too much of a problem...

As far as I know, however, the urine test isn‘t a drug test, but mainly to detect for certain types of diesease (certain forms of Diabetes, etc). Though they may test you for drugs too, I‘m not sure.
I will pass on what I learned as I went throught the medical last year:
1) Do not lie about past use of weed. The official outlook on past use is "We understand that people sometimes make bad decisions." They need to hear from you that you are through that stage of your life now. You may want to settle on exactly when it was that you stopped using - it helps to be able to say, "I haven‘t lit up for two and a half years now."
If you have delved into acid and other hallucinogens, you may have trouble getting in. I‘m not sure of the time constraints about how long ago it was since you used that they‘ll look at you. I think the military recognizes a big jump between a few joints and dropping acid.
2) The urine test is to test your blood sugar to determine if you are diabetic. Nothing else. That I was told right from the MO who was doing the test on me. You don‘t need to worry about false readings.
3) If you lie during the process, and it is discovered, you‘re screwed. The information you sign to as true on the form is basically a sworn legal document. If the military can‘t trust you to tell the truth, they really have to question if you can be trusted with the life of a fellow soldier. This is a big issue for them, far more so than a checkered past as a youngster. I actually knew someone who had passed the qualifications to be accepted as a pilot trainee, and it was then discovered that he had lied about using pot in the past. "Don‘t let the door hit you in the *** on the way out." Again, it wasn‘t the usage - it was that he had lied.
The military is one of the last places in the western world where you will find situations where your word is your bond. Break that, and you lose a lot.
Hope this little ramble helped. Good luck.
Max is very right.. I can tell you on a number of occasions, I was called in to investigate recruits on the BRT course in Esquimalt who had lied about previous drug use. It‘s not pretty, so dont lie.
You know, I told the truth about drug use in my Medical and Interview. I never have been interested in using drugs, so I never have. I stick to alcohol, thank you.

Oddly enough, both times I was asked, my replies were recieved with near disbelief.

I have a feeling that I‘ll be asked to pee in a lot of cups during my stay...but whatever.
You know, methyl, I had the same thing.. I‘ve never been into that stuff... (yee-haw, I can resist peer pressure!)

The Medical interviewer Spent at least 5 minutes on the topic before he was finally convinced that I didn‘t do any illicit drugs.
I, too, told the officer that I‘ve never done drugs. The guy simply looked at me in disbelief. I had to explain why I never used it -- blah, blah, blah. I really don‘t think that he believed me.

My impression is that a lot of people confess to using it on a recreational basis and that they have come to accept this as typical behaviour.

Oddly enough, my avoidance of drugs (but not beer!) in my younger years is now considered atypical behaviour.

All that said, don‘t worry and be honest!
The interviewer for me looked alittle shocked when I said I never taken drugs before.

I do drink beer of course, so I must of come off as a bit normal.
So If hypothetically one had say smoked up once about 3 years ago and he told the straight truth about it it should be no problem for said subject?
Only smoked up once three years ago?
They truly wouldn‘t care. They might ask a question or two about it, but they are interested in the person you are today. If you show that you have matured and are making better decisions in life by examples that you can provide, your in.

An interview is just to see what kind of person you are. Unless your some crazy wackjob, you‘ll do fine in the interview.

They are not the cops, they won‘t bust if you told them in the interview if you did drugs. If they find out that you lied, your chances of getting in are over.

Tell the truth
As stated above, tell the truth. I screwed up years ago and told the officer interviewing me that I had smoked pot, we talked about it for about 2 minutes, then moved on. Chances are he could tell if you were lying, and you don‘t want to have repercussions later on in your career if they find out. Just to reiterate, tell the truth, it‘ll feel like a weight off your chest.
I admitted to use of mushrooms about 1.5 years ago and now I have to reapply next summer which is a total disappointment but oh well. If you‘ve ever used a hallucinagen, it has to be 3 years past. Is that correct?

- Patrick
What kind of tests are done in the CF Medical exam? Perticularily pertaining to drug tests....
They do a urinalysis (spelling?). You get to piss on one of those chemical colour strips that you used in chemistry class.

The recruiter told me that 90% of the guys he tests have tried pot at one point or another. I‘ve been under the impression that they‘re more interested in weeding out (no pun intended) dishonest kids then they are with getting rid of the occasional toker. Be honest about your past and you shouldnt have much to worry about.

keep off the grass!!!
so 90% of the people he‘s tested has smoked pot in the last 2 months? Why I say that is because I was an avid Pot smoker (like everyone else in BC).

Marjuana can stay between 1-4 months in your system when they do a urine test 1-8 months if they do a hair test.

So the people he sampled musta smoked or been around smoke not to long before they did their test.

Does the army automaticly fail you if you have THC in your system?

thats a big question for me since I smoked weed til the day I decided to join the forces.
If you test positive for drugs in your system, good chance you won‘t get in.

If you say "Yes, I have done drugs at some point in my younger days, but learned my lesson and have been clean for a while now." Then you‘re just being honest. However, if you‘re a hard core pot smoker and decide to just quit to try and pass the urine test, you‘ll probably flunk.
They can test you any **** time they want to but they won‘t unless they have good reason.
hehe. I‘d be honest but not say something like

"Yeah I was cronic for a year straight lol"

I‘d more likly say "Yeah I smoked weed a month ago and my friends smoke pot but I quit awhile ago" or something along those lines..

Since you can fail the test when you‘ve never even touched a joint from just getting 2nd hand smoke.

Honestly, you all shoulda taken a drug test before even taking the armies drug test.

I also hear that cranberry juice helps and that you can buy some crap that flushes out your system.

But then again people say that nothing will clear THC from your system besides time....
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