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Pre Deployment Info


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Hey all,

I've searched the board, and read what little I could find (yes, i've been to the official Canadian Armed Forces deployment page)--but failing to find enough, I decided to post.

I am a reservist in an Infantry regiment that is considering volunteering for deployment next fall, hopefully catching the 2009-01 rotation. Several of my friends from the unit are also considering this, however, when we've asked for more info, we've been told that there will be more info next fall, on our dag day. This is the hearsay info i've gathered so far:

i) pre-training starts in Feb 2008, and is 10-11 months long, wrapping up sometime November/Decemberish
ii) tour might be 9 months, might be 6. If nine, than there will be 2 leave periods after the 3rd and 6th month

What I'm looking for, basically, is some sort of pre-deployment info package, or just some more concrete info on the next rotations--although from what I gather, things are up in the air for *all* the rotations for quite some time...what with a bunch of our guys being on pre-training for *two* years after the rotation they were supposed to be on was scrapped.

Furthermore, some sort of civi-oriented info would also be helpful, for friends and family concerned about such decisions.

If someone could point me in the right direction for this stuff, it would be much appreciated. Or if there is no place to be pointed to, then just some informed posts would be great.

Much thanks,

Cincinnatus said:
will be 2 leave periods after the 3rd and 6th month
The periods you mention are best wishes, or in a perfect scenario if you want. Not everyone can be on leave at the same time so would highly recommend you do not rely on the "3rd & 6th month". It could just as easily end up being after the "2nd & 7th month" for that matter.

For the rest I would say to look at DAOD 5044-3 and contact the local MFRC. As for "Roto Specific", as you say it is up in the air and as soon as info becomes available (read firmed up) you should then be able to obtain it through your COC.
Thanks for the reply--sites found and bookmarked, and the second half of my question is pretty much answered...! I suppose I was just wondering if they had any Afghan-specific pams or info, but this these sites cover the family/friends interaction with the military side of things.

Now, I guess my follow up question is...does anyone have any rumours about the 2009 roto ;p ?

Much thanks,

mandate has not been pushed. nor should anyone start rumint on it.