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May be posted to 39 CER this summer and am looking for information.  So far I have found that there are possibly 3 locations involved with the unit but I believe the one they are considering is in North Vancouver or Chilliwack.  I am trying to find out what kind of accomodations are availabe and the rental rates for them.  I have checked the CFHA site and emailed them but sometimes answers back can take awhile.  Checking for rental units online have turned into a pain without knowing the area and it's transport so figured it might be faster and easier to ask here.  I am not interested in apartments as I need at least 3 bedrooms, have a cat and dog.

I am also curious about the cost of living there so I can plan accordingly if the posting does come through.  Is cycling a good option?  Bus service good?

Unit training nights are Thu but what night is Admin?  What are regular hours for full time staff?

I am at home on sick leave so looking up some info that I would normally find at work just isn't as easy to find.
Highest cost of living in Canada, I think. Chilliwack would be cheaper, but North Van sure as hell won't be cheap. Chilliwack is fairly flat, but North van is basically on the side of a mountain.
Found out it is Chilliwack after all. Doing research and found out it actually scores low for the cost of living.  Rentals are comparable to Ottawa, they have a Walmart, Loblaws, Canadian Tire and Tim Hortons so it can't be too bad.  ;D

Came highly recommend by an associate which could mean he wanted to see me get a good posting location or he actually just wanted to make sure I didn't get posted where he is.  hmmmmm.
The reason I will never go reg force is because I like it too much here to leave. Chilliwack is basicaly in my back yard...
Take it from someone who lives 30 minutes away from the 'wack, you can look forward to plenty of rain!
hmmm  rain    snow

rain wins. ;D

The bigger problem will be getting the good Atlantic Salmon, PEI Spuds, Keith's and Donairs!!

Maybe KOD will ship.

We have keith's. Pacific Salmon is better anyways and you can replace Donairs with Sushi.
NinerSix said:
We have keith's.
NinerSix said:
Pacific Salmon is better anyways

Oh you were serious. 

NinerSix said:
and you can replace Donairs with Sushi.
That is even worse than trying to substitute Pacific sh** Salmon for Atlantic Salmon.  The only thing I can think of that could be worse is to put them together - Sushi made with Pacific Salmon. 

Oooooh  - I really feel sick now.