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Hello all,

I have a question regarding our fine friends the Riggers. What is the scoop on their wings? I saw a guy at my levee wearing "Riggers" wings on his tunic above the left pocket as well as miniature Canadian wings on his pocket. Is this proper? I‘m not looking to burn this guy it‘s just that I havn‘t seen it before. I guess I don‘t spend enough (meaning any) time around CPC.

Canada does not have wings for riggers.. They had to be American. So If he was wearing them, he may be lying. If his wings were red also. i have basic Airal Delivery and have not seen any Riggers wings.
Sgt J. CD, CDS com
Recce41, I know that you are very experienced and know alot about paratrooping but I‘m pretty damned sure that there ARE canadian riggers wings. All of the riggers at the CFPMD wear them, I did my jump course recently and I saw them. They have the wavy wings and below say something like RIGGER / ARMEREUR. I don‘t believe it would be proper to wear both wings though, seeing as all Riggers jump on a regular basis.
if your talking about the wings with, the old type of wings yes ? I‘ve never ever saw one of the riggers wear them on their DEUs. I‘ve seen them on the old smock. Most of the riggers here in Petawawa wear just the jump wings. Thanks if their wearing them on their DEUs. You always something new.
Sgt J. CD, CDS com. Bold and Swift, Airborne.
They are new to DEUs, I phoned a rigger friend of mine. Sorry about it, they were issued earlier in the yr. for their DEUs. that is why some only wear their juump wings, and yes you do wear both.
Sgt J. CD, CDS com
Thanks for the poop guys. I didn‘t think this guy would just make something up but I had never seen them before and was curious. My next question is should he be wearing them if he is no longer employed as a Rigger or is in strictly a "while serving" deal.

The "RIGGER / ARRIMEUR" qualification badge was issued about 3 years ago to all riggers. It is issued in DEU and combat styles, both made of cloth. All riggers wear them even after leaving the rigger community. Since the RIGGER wings are not a parachutist badge, they also wear the mini para wings on their left breast pocket.
Thanx Jungle
I was told some only had the DEU style for about a yr? I haven‘t seen many wear them and not too many Riggers wear their DEUs at the Nosedock. I‘ll have to ask the buddy I spock to. Why he only had them about a yr?
Sgt J. CD, CDS com Bold and Swift, Airborne Armour Recce :confused:
I saw a soldier at Rememberance Day 2 years ago with his riggers wings on his DEUs, so they‘ve been out for at least that long. By the way, what does the mini para wing look like? The only mini one I‘ve seen was for mess dress or civilians (you know the kind with the olive green back ground).
? The one I wear on the pocket of my DEUs is metal. And Red background on my mess dress. And about the rigger wings I guess they were out for a couple yrs, but some never put them on. I never saw them in Petawawa on DEUs.
Sgt J. CD, CDS com
Thanks one and all for the replies. I guess you do learn something new every now and then.
Good afternoon all!
I am currently jusy finishing QL3 Supply and at the beginning of the course we had tryouts for the rigger positions in trenton. I failed the pt portion for chin ups and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on specific exercises that will help with chin ups?
As well; I start my first posting in a few weeks to CFB Edmonton to the Service Battalion and I was wondering if you think I should make my intentions of going Rigger known to my COC when I arrive?
Lastly, a fellow on course suggested I pen a memo to my COC outlining my intentions of rigger and asking permission for extra gym time during the work weeks and how that would be beneficial. Do you think that is a good ideaor is it just likely to be shot down?

Thanks all for reading this, and I apologize if these are stupid questions but I've only been in since January and went from basic right to QL3 and then soon to Edmonton so I have zero knowledge on most things.


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Slashman555 said:
I failed the pt portion for chin ups and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on specific exercises that will help with chin ups?

Chin ups
General tip for anyone reading this. If you're not able to do even 1 chin-up, try practicing reverse chin-ups first. I have found it to be very helpful. Same applies to pull-ups.

This YouTuber (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1XHNZDn3btv7454Pkz7THg) has very helpful exercise tips for beginners.
I would suggest, maybe, that you get to your unit, get in the groove, maybe go through a couple of sheet exchange cycles in the shacks before putting the CofC on notice as to your aspirations and intentions. Your direct chain will interview you at various levels during your first few weeks in a gaining unit. That's where you make your future plans known. if you want to be a rigger, it's on you to prepare yourself for it. There are chin-up bars all over that base, crack a couple off when you pass one.
Kat Stevens said:
There are chin-up bars all over that base, crack a couple off when you pass one.

@OP Maybe even find a gym buddy to help yourself stay motivated.
It never hurts to let you CoC know your goals.

Great tips for chin ups given, just keep at it, the best way to be better at chin ups.....do more chin ups.

Also, since you are in edmonton, check out skydive Eden North. Might be worth going for a jump or 2 to see if you even like the jumping out of the airplane part. Plus a lot of guys who are para qualified (which you will have to be to be a rigger) are also Canadian Sport Parachute Association jumpers. The owner has trained many skyhawks in his day.
@sidemount and Infant_Tree
Thanks for the advice. I think I will try to find a gym buddy when I get there and will certanly check out Eden North thanks for the heads up!


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