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Paintball is now a cadet approved activity but it comes with strict guidelines!

shreenan said:
So all your wishing for paintball has worked out for you.

Paintball is now a cadet approved activity but it comes with strict guidelines which I will list below.

1. A written request must be submitted to the detachment from the CO

Strict Guidelines such as this really annoy me because I know what it's going to turn/has turned into. Instead of the RCP1 being the only thing required (as it should be) to do this approved activity they will now use this to get the corp CO's writing memorandums in addition to the RCP1 for approval.

This is the tiny stuff that add's up running way too far into the personal life's of CO's at corp level. Again people with full time jobs expecting more out of part time volunteers.

This right here is one thing that aggravated me to no end.

Edit to add: To add there should be no requirement to inform the Det CO of your intention to do this activity. If it's a preapproved site (like scuba) theres no requirement to involve anyone aside from the ACA's. Bureaucratic uselessness of cadets canada.
Perhaps I can shed a little light on this.

In Atlantic Region, it is an approved activity. The former Commanding Officer of Regional Cadet Support Unit (Atlantic), Cdr GL Reddy, issued a memorandum - Commanding Officer's Temporary Memorandum (COTM, for short) 06/12 - Cadet Unit Paintball Activities. It states very clearly what is and is not permitted. All Atlantic Region members should be able to find this in the COTM Conference on the main page of CadetNet.

As far as other regions go, I couldn't tell you.
In central region CRCO 1803 Cadet Training Para 5 states:

"5. Tactical exercises with weapons (real or simulated) and “war games” are forbidden"

Until that changes its still a no go in Central without many alyers of discussion and assurances.  That said, its not impossible, just very hard.
Were under Atlantic and I just checked with our CO and it is approved but everything must go Through one vendor.  The rules are very sticky.