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Ottawa seeking ‘impartial’ board members to review military colleges

Did the admiral send a copy of his article to the 45th Commander in Chief?

Though Adm. Stockdale was not around to provide advice to, or more likely criticism of, Mr. Trump, the admiral's son did join in with former flag officers and POWs to express their outrage about Trump's remarks concerning Sen. John McCain.

Taylor Stockdale, the son of Admiral James Bond Stockdale, a Medal of Honor recipient and former POW, wrote Trump a letter in response to his remarks, which was obtained by The Daily Beast. In it, Stockdale wrote that it was “ironic that the Presidential candidate with the most bravado and the facade of toughness, is the one who violated” the underlying principle of POWs: that they stay true to themselves and their country. “I would attempt to tell you how hurtful your remarks are to the men and their families who were there all those years,” Stockdale wrote, “but I don’t believe you have the capacity to understand.”

Though Trump was, at least once, compared similarly to Stockdale.

Donald Trump’s speech Thursday night was a disaster. It was the most embarrassing political appearance I’ve seen since Admiral James Stockdale showed up in 1992 as Ross Perot’s running mate.