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Opening Availabilities and The Best Way To Stay Current On Them


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I went to my nearest recruiting office today with three possitions in mind. they were infantry, artillary, and armoured solider and i was told at the office that they were not taking anymore combat arms untill april. when i arived home i was talking to another officer online and he/she told me that they were still taking in applications for artillary. has anybody else herd anything lately
If you read around its common that recruiting centers arent instantly in touch with each other. Meaning sometimes there is a delay in the relaying of recruited numbers, etc.

If your recruiter said it was closed, its closed. Nothing anyone here can do...

But rest assured your not the only one waiting, I am.  ;)
The Navy is still hiring for many positions. Might I suggest a Naval Electronics Tech (Sonar)? :) Or perhaps a Naval Weapons Tech?
Hello too you all.  New hear on the forum and thinking of joining the army.  I've been around on the forces.ca site and noticed that from time to time there are in demand stars for certain jobs.  I am wondering what this is meant to mean, that there are more then average positions available or that toughs are the only jobs with openings.  I'm interested in going into the infantry(NCM) but that one never seems to be in demand(I've kept an eye on that one for over a year).  Also might want to go into armoured if I don't have to get into the Leopards, I'm really tall.  I'm also college educated(2 year diploma)  and wondering if that would help my chances at a speedy recruitment process.
Welcome to Army.ca.

There is a very good Search Function here. Please use that, and you should be able to find answers to all of your questions, and some that you haven't even thought of yet.

We appreciate people doing, or at least honestly attempting to do, their homework rather than expecting others to do the work for them. It also avoids constantly repeating answers to the same questions, thereby keeping the site uncluttered with duplicate threads and easier to search.

If you really can't find answers, by all means say so and then ask away.
  Tried to ask this yesterday but got deleted.  I think it's a perfectly reasonable thing to ask and, NO, it's not on any other post.  I checked.
  The question is this.  On the forces.ca there are star to indicate that certain jobs that are in demand.  I am wondering what this means exactly.  Are these the only jobs that have openings, or are there just a higher the average number of openings.
  I would further like to ask if anyone knows how often,a rough guess estimate, there are openings for infantry of navy boatswain since they never seem to be in demand.  Hopefully I can get an actual answer of some sort instead of getting deleted. 
Since trade demands are constantly changing, your best answers at any time will come from a Recruiting Centre.

For example, there are no Infantry vacancies until next April.

Talk to your local recruiter for the most current information.
The_Unabooboo said:
  Tried to ask this yesterday but got deleted.  I think it's a perfectly reasonable thing to ask and, NO, it's not on any other post.  I checked.

UH!  No!  It did not get deleted.  It is right here, along with a similar question, answers and some good advice to you.
I think I need to clear up a few things and with any luck people will look here before asking the questions again.

Combat Arms tradres are full! They MAY open in April. Until then we are still taking applications. We are not allowed not to. We are NOT going to rush you through the process if there is no job for you. If in April the trades open up then we will start the process. It may start in March if we get a heads up that there are going to be openings in April.

I know its a no brainer that Combat Arms will open in April but on the off chance that one of the trades doesn't open I don't want anyone to say "the Recruiter lied. He said there would be openings in April".

This is why applications are accepted but you're told there are no openings.

I hope this clears up a few questions and makes it throughout this site.

That's weird.  I went looking for it and couldn't find it.  Anyway, the real question I was trying to find out about was, what "in demand" really means and how it relates to the normal availability of positions. 
You are correct, "in demand" positions are the ones we are having trouble filling or meeting the demand for. It's mostly our Tech trades. I don't know why. I guess people are afraid of the "Tech" term. What most people don't understand is that for a Tech trade you will be trained to do it. You are not expected to be a computer expert or a Red Seal Journyman when you join. Also what people don't realize is Tech jobs carry a Specialist pay. Once you are fully trained, usually after 4 years you get "Spec pay" It's usually a few hundred dollars a month more than you would make as an Infanteer or tank driver.

We have lots of positions available in the Tech trades. If your looking to be a member of the CF sooner rather than later look at the Tech spots.
Well for one thing, keep in mind that the website is not always up to date. For example, it is currently listing "Armoured Soldier" as an "in demand" job, when in fact the trade is actually closed until at least April 2010.

As for what it means, well, it certainly doesn't mean that these jobs are the only ones currently available. It simply means that at the time the website was updated, those jobs were the ones that were deemed to have the greatest need for recruits. I imagine this is determined via a combination of both training slots available, and the projected future ratio of trained personnel to positions required. I say projected future, because if the trade is currently under strength, but it has a whole whack-load of trainees in the process right now that may bring the numbers up to par, then there would be less need to recruit great numbers of that trade. The converse would also be true, as if there is a trade with a high level of anticipated retirements, and not enough people in the training system now to pick up the slack soon, that trade could very quickly become under strength.

In particular, the "in demand" label doesn't really say anything about the targeted number for recruitment in that year. It's more so about the ratio of how much they want to be getting in that trade versus how much they have been getting. For example, Infantry is not an in-demand trade, whereas Pharmacy Officer is. But in any given year, a great deal more people will enter the CF as Infantry than there are Pharmacy Officers in total! But because of the fact that we currently only have 37 Pharmacy Officers, and we should have 49, more focus is being given to try and entice those people out there who do have the skill set to become Pharmacy Officers. There is a shortage of people who want to join up as a Pharmacy Officer, there is not (currently) a shortage of those who want to join up as Infantry.

Also, I second FDO's suggestion of joining as a Tech. Might I suggest a Naval Electronics Tech (Radar)? Good times, etc.
  Thanks guys.  I've seen thought darn stars on the site and never really got a good explanation tell now.