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Online Pam site

If its an internet site your looking for try here >> http://armyapp.dnd.ca/lfdts/choose.asp
If its a DIN site your looking for...ill have to show you tomorrow, or you could always ask the guys in the BN Lib. they have all the fancy DIN Links mesmerised...I meam memorized.  ;)
If you dont get an answer by tomorrow, ill email you the link via your DIN account.
These links no longer seem to work. Wondering if the location of the PAMs has been changed or not. Time to study for phase 3.
per http://armyapp.dnd.ca/ael/3col-eng.html

"This site is temporarily deactivated for content review and layout reconstruction."

If you have access to the DIN:


(I just checked the site: it functions)