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Official Battlefield 3 Thread

I have started buying parts for the computer I will build just for this game..
Open Beta begins September 29th on all platforms. There will be no rank cap and no limit to how many items you can unlock. The Beta ends 2 weeks from official release, so about 10 days in total.
Preordered today, beta starts tomorrow for anyone with a preorder!
Figures, the great games are coming out while I'm starting course  ;D  Oh well, gives me something to look forward to after I get posted and settled into my new house when I'm done.  I'm hoping my gaming notebook can handle it, though if not it does give me a good reason to build a new custom gaming rig from parts...though 9er Domestic may rip me a new one...
Sometimes I wish Canex could get Alienware stuff through the Canex plan... but then I realize it'd be bad for my paycheque and bad for my marriage.  ;D
Been having great fun with friends in the beta. The first game I dropped into I was greeted by the roar of an M240 letting rip over my characters head. I wear a Turtle Beach X31 headset when gaming, and believe me when I say my head hit the ceiling when I jumped.

Can't wait for the final, polished version to come out.
Turtle Beach X31. That's X-Box, no? I heard it is helluva buggy. You should try it on PC.. WOW
Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Map Starts with a 500m Base Jump



THE BUZZ: One of the multiplayer maps in Battlefield 3 is starting with a mammoth 500 meter base jump right into the heart of battle. Attackers, when playing Rush Mode on Damavand Peak, start on the edge of a cliff overlooking the enemy below but, if you’re not up for the jump, you can find your way to the action by grabbing a lift from one of the helicopters.​
I just saw a commercial for it while watching the hockey game. I'm pretty pumped it looks awesome; now I just have to find time to play it when it comes out...
New multiplayer gameplay trailer.


6 days!
Finished my preload today, can't wait for Tuesday and for my new laptop on Wednesday!!!
Well, after a bit of a wonky launch, EA has finally released it's latest action wargame.

It's not realistic, and there are a couple bugs in it still, but after playing it for a couple hours I can definitely say it's FUN!

If anyone is interested, I created a platoon (gaming group) specifically for any CF people, or anyone who just wants to play with some CF people (we're not all bad). Currently I've only got a couple reservists like myself in there. But if anyone else is looking for a Canadian platoon in BF3, I encourage you to join up!


This thread can also be a good place to discuss your stories about the crazy stuff that happens and any funny stories you might have by playing the game. See you out there!!
Well, shame on me... new to these forums, and I thought I looked about for a gaming board, guess I didn't look hard enough.

Thanks for the heads up, I suppose this can get locked or some such. I'll make a relevant post in the appropriate thread.