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Off-shore company selling mortar rounds ending up in ISIS hands?

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Lebanese-Canadian businessman Chadi Chaarani says he is a respected entrepreneur with an “impeccable” reputation forged through ventures in Saudi Arabia and the United States.

Over the past year, three banks cancelled his accounts and refused to do business with him amid published allegations that he was involved in an arms deal in which Serbian mortar shells fell into the hands of terrorists.

New details about his alleged role in the deal, buried in the Pandora Papers leak of millions of offshore tax haven documents, show Chaarani was the director of a British Virgin Islands-based shell company alongside a Saudi military official and a U.S. defence contractor.


Bulgarian online news reports from September 2019 allege the mortar shells transported by Larkmont ended up in the hands of Islamic State group fighters in Yemen rather than their legally declared end user, the Saudi Arabian military ...
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