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new rucks and the metal bars


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does anyone even use the metal bars in the new rucks, if not does it make any difference if I were to take them out because my ruck appears to be crooked and i think it has something to do with the bars, I can't recall correctly  but aren't they supposed to be replaced every few years?
You may have to re-bend them. The metal bars work great if you are carrying around the ruck by itself but as soon as you put it on while wearing the frag/tac vest, they no longer curve properly to your back. Ideally, they transfer the load from your shoulders to your waist but if they are misaligned, they do more harm then good.
From a supply standpoint, if you don't have the bars in your ruck and you injure yourself, you may not be covered.  I remember the people from this project telling us this.