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New Crown

Yes, Tudor (not Tutor), sorry for the brain fart. This new design just isn't all that good., surprisingly, since it was designed by the Canadian Heraldic Authority. Would have expected them to come up with something much better.
The Order of Canada-esque insignia sitting on top of the crown looks silly. The maple leaves seem way too big, and what's with the wavy line going around the base of the crown?? I don't see how the Tudor or St. Edward's crowns can be said to look too English (which is what I assume is the reason for creating the Canadian one), they have cross pattees and fleur de lis, seem very French to me.
Keep the current crown, looks fine, or adopt the Scottish Crown instead (we have Nova Scotia (meaning New Scotland) many kilted regiments as well as official tartans for the majority of provinces and territories.
Very true, which is why it seems strange to change the crown at all. The gov't should stop giving republican sympathizers more ammo to use.
The government is full of republicans that want to see the Laurentians become our aristocratic betters. But the constitution won’t allow that so they are happy to let the institution whither and die.
Is it just me, or does the medallion released by the mint look more like Stephen Harper?

This was an intentional endeavor by MacKenzie-King, St. Laurent, and Pearson because of the geopolitical shift that happened Post-War.

Britain was broke, the Empire was dissolving, and the Americans were the new cool kid on the block. And you also had folks like Tony Eden, Ed Heath, and Harold Wislon that felt they had bigger fish to fry than keeping up appearances with the extended family.
While thats certaintly true for the post WW1 and WW2 period Britain was still very quick to trade away territory to the US in territory disputes if it meant getting a better trade deal for themselves back home. I could go into detail but the politics of the Empire shrunk to be squarely focused on Britain proper by the end of the 19th century. The abuse of the colonies during both WW2 only exemplifies this.

The King of Canada is a distinct entity apart from the King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The King of Canada has no official religious role, whereas the King of the UK does, as Supreme Governor of the Church of England.
Is it just me, or does the medallion released by the mint look more like Stephen Harper?


'The' mint or 'a' mint.

In honour of King Charles III’s coronation, set to take place in London on Saturday, two new medallion designs have been approved exclusively for Canada.

Issued by the Canadian Heritage Mint, the medallions are offered through the Canadian Coin & Currency Corporation, a national coin dealer. According to a press release issued by the company on Tuesday, both designs were engraved by retired Royal Canadian Mint senior engraver Susan Taylor, and officially approved by the King.

So, it's a private company and not the Royal Canadian Mint that's given CRIII a chin (and only one chin) to which he is not entitled. Maybe that's why HM has allegedly "officially approved" the design. However, I find it difficult to comprehend the circumstances that would lead the Lord Chamberlain's Office (who does this sort of stuff for the King) to veer from policy and give approval to a Canadian company for an obvious shoddy representation of HM's image.

The Lord Chamberlain’s Office will not generally seek to oppose the use of images of Members of the Royal Family or Royal Residences on certain articles which are for sale, providing they are of a permanent kind, free from advertisement, in good taste, carry no implication that the firm concerned has received Royal Custom or approval, and are not in contravention of any trademark or copyright.
However, as a general rule, the Lord Chamberlain’s Office does not consider that Royal Images should be used on the following:-
Medals, medallions and coins (which are not issued by The Queen or are legal tender)

Adhesive seals
Articles of dress
Household linen and furnishing fabrics
Packaging, containers, boxes, covers or labels

But even approved engravings of HM does not always capture his image. On glancing at a photo of some new coins, my immediate reaction was "why is Charles De Gaulle on that coin".