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New Chinese phone app allows you to instantly hire thugs to BEAT people


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What next? An app for hitmen?  :eek: Yikes!


Chinese mobile phone app lets you hire thugs to carry out beatings

Well it looks like there really is an app for everything now. Chinese mobile phone application 滴滴打人 (Didi Da Ren) was reportedly being used to solicit the services of online mercenaries to dish out beatings—for a price.

Want China Times has revealed that users were able to post ads seeking a thug—mostly gym coaches, retired soldiers, gangsters and crooks, according to the app's description.

The concept of the app came about from an online talk show gag, the report said. A satirical video shows the app's premise in action, as a helpless nurse and schoolgirl enlist burly bodyguards to beat down on their tormentors. Disturbingly, it appears as if the joke may have actually become reality.

Doesn't that make it easier for the cops to catch thugs?
cryco said:
Doesn't that make it easier for the cops to catch thugs?

No, because the corruption in China is so mindboggling....don't get me started....