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new car that can be controlled by Ipod unveiled- called the "Ichange"


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What next? The Ihouse? :eek:


Shape-shifting iChange
- Shane O' Donoghue

Rinspeed's enthusiasm for quirky concept cars has not been extinguished by anything as inconvenient as a global recession, as witnessed by the debut in Geneva of the mad - and rather cool - iChange concept car.

What's all the fuss about?

Well, you'd think that the exterior styling of the ankle-low iChange concept would be enough to get our tongues wagging, but if you know anything about Rinspeed you'll have guessed that there's more to this year's Geneva show offering. As standard, the electric and solar-powered iChange seats just the driver, but at the touch of a button the sleek glasshouse rises up to make room for two rear passengers. It's hardly a people carrier, but still fairly useful, especially as, in single-person mode, the iChange is more aerodynamic helping to reduce fuel consumption - which in this case is electricity.

Any new technology?

Rinspeed may like to think outside the box, but its concept cars always utilise the skills and technology of several key suppliers and the iChange is no different. Saying that, lithium-ion battery power and solar panels in the roof are not exactly groundbreaking ideas, though they're hardly widespread as yet. Gadget fiends will however, particularly love the Apple iPhone controlled 'ignition' and it can be used to control other functions too.

Will it ever see the light of day?

This is one concept car we can quite confidently say won't ever be sold to the public.
Rinspeed annually unveils its wild creations in Geneva and maintains that each and every one of them could go into production if someone stumps up enough cash to... (...)
FrostyHazard said:
How about the IWife?

Actually I saw a "woman remote" the other day.

It had such control features as "mute", "apologize", "massage" and "nag-on/off"

Also features such dropdown menus as Get Me: -a sandwich    -a back rub
                                                                - a beer          -nachos
and of course the ever useful breast volume control.

*braces for incoming fire*
CougarDaddy said:
What next? The Ihouse? :eek:


Mitsubishi has the iCar. at one point the iCar had a dashmounted  slot for the iPod. I remember seeing it when I worked at Dixie Mitsubishi. Mitsu's head office was around the corner from the dealership, so we got to see the cars they don't sell here.