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new Bond film - Casino Royale


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This is Bond 21, and is based on the very first Bond novel written by Ian Fleming. It was first adapted for an episode of the CBS television series Climax! starring Barry Nelson as Jimmy Bond. David Niven starred in a 1967 movie spoof of James Bond, but Martin Campbell's Casino Royale is the first serious film adaptation.

On the plus side, the cartoonish elements of the Bond series has been toned down, which always seemed to degrade the films for me. Little of the dialogue is cheesy.

On the down side, the basic story isn't all that compelling for these modern times: the bad guy, a bank financier to terrorists, loses over $100 million dollars in the stock market and vows to regain it and more, by having a high-stakes game of cards. Bond's goal is to beat him at cards to bankrupt him and force him to seek custody and protection of the British government where he would spill the beans on the terrorists, rather than be killed off by his blood thirsty clients.

It also felt a tad long at 144 minutes. The featured song by Chris Cornell follows in the recent tradition of the series producers trying to get someone with hip name recognition which results in a totally forgettable song. They fared better in the songs department during the previous decades.

This is supposed to be more or less the origin story of how Bond became 007. It doesn't rely on gadgets and is much grittier. Daniel Craig (the sixth, to play Bond after Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan) has performed the role with a relentless, menacing masculine presence and has revitalized the Bond franchise.

Bond movies of late have been great money makers filled with over the top spectacles, but Casino Royale and Daniel Craig have allowed the series to be born again into something as refreshing as the Matt Damon Bourne series rather than continue in a direction parallel to the high-tech but antiseptic Mission: Impossible series.

My rating for this film is 4/5.  Anyone else care to weigh in with their thoughts on the film?
I am headed out to see it tonight actually.  Looking forward to it, although I hadn't realized it was so long.
And those 20 can be pinpointed to the first 20 in Venice. Worst part of any Bond I've seen. Couldn't stand it. Then the killing started again.
condor888000 said:
Worst part of any Bond I've seen. Couldn't stand it. Then the killing started again.

HAHAHA, now that has to be the best "man" quote about a movie i've ever heard. Well done that man!
It hasnt been released down here (7 december for us which, as always with movie releases is a thursday i think) but as soon as it is myself and a bunch of the other die hard bond fans are all going to "doctors appointments". I cant wait, i love my bond and all this talk about it is really exciting.
Only a few more weeks which should be a long wait.
I know, but its the only way to describe it. Theres killings and such galore, then all of a sudden its all sunshine and lolly pops. And while yes, you need some, 20 minutes straight, good god. Its too bad, its going wonderfully until that little interlude, almost spoils the rest of the movie. But alas, the end is pure genius and saves it.
The foot chase through the construction yard at the beginning is the best of its type I've seen in a long time. ;D
Excellent film.

The '20 minutes in Venice' was a drag, but also a great time to hit the washroom!

Look for a cameo of Richard Branson, near the begining of the airport sequence.

I thoroughly enjoyed it!  I agree, the initial chase was amazing.  And the rest just fell along.

I typically judge a movie by when I first start looking at my watch to see how much longer, but I didn't look at it once last night.  There were several times when you thought it might be the end because things were slowing down, and then it all just ramped up again.  A must see, for sure.

Not sure about anywhere else, but Victoria Silvercity was selling out at least an hour before all show times.
Oy, I went and saw it with a few army mates on Friday.

Initial few scenes--amazing, and it was interesting to see Bond before he's honed all his skills--that is to say, a cruder, more basic, Bond.

However, the Venice scene destroyed the film for me. So as not to spoil it for those who haven't seen it, I'll just say--Wow...I never thought I'd see the day where Bond so utterly compromises himself..."I have no armour" ?! My God.

Thankfully things picked up at the ending, giving me hope for future, more "Bond"-like cinema...
He was in love. ;D
I thought it was the best Bond movie of them all.
Cincinnatus said:
However, the Venice scene destroyed the film for me. So as not to spoil it for those who haven't seen it, I'll just say--Wow...I never thought I'd see the day where Bond so utterly compromises himself..."I have no armour" ?! My God.

Come on, that full line was a great part of the movie! Gotta throw some sap in there for the ladies, so they don't get too bored.  ;D
Slim said:
Worth it then?


..and for those who complain about the "i have no armour" part, yes it slowed the movie down but it was needed as it ties in to Bond's behaviour in later movies.  The whole incident with the girl and his relationship with her is brought up in 3 or 3 movies IIRC
Well, worth it, yes, but best not to go in expecting anything like the "old" Bond movies. And yes, i concede that the "I have no armour" bit might be a clever addition to broaden Bond's general demographic ;p

For me, a recent movie that I thought was top notch was The Departed...but I guess I should start another thread for that ;)
It was awesome...I justified (in my own head) the whole "I have no armour" thing as just bond being a smooth guy to get some. Maybe not how they intended it...but it worked in my own mind to make it more acceptable.

The rest of the movie was awesome...The whole thing invovling the seat with the hole in it and the rope made me wince however. :p

I hope any new Bond movies can keep up with this wonderful new Bond style.

The first chase was awesome to watch! (esp since I my self do parkour...that whole running over obstical things...its how I keep fit) and they busted some mad moves.
warspite said:
I want to see it so bad..... :brickwall:

At least you can if you want to! I have to wait almost 20 more days! Bloody southern hemisphere, i know we're Superior in every other way, but it'd be cool if we could watch movies on time  :p
Do the toilets really flush backwards?  ;D

I'll probably watch it this week, looks like another kickarse bond film.
People don't think that's true do they? Its called the Corneolis effect i think, they do indeed flush backwards!

Oh! And we also have 2 flush setting, half flush and full flush so we can be more water conscious