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Hello everyone,

I just recently enrolled as NESOP and I am starting basic training next week (on October 31st). I have few questions about the NESOP trade... First of all, how long does it take before you are fully qualified (QL5 done)? How long does it take before you go from ordinary seaman to able seaman? What to expect as R&Q on CFB Esquimalt as well as net pay once all deductions has been taken off your pay check at CFB Esquimalt?

Also, some people seem to say that combat trades in the navy are kind of boring. I would like to know if the NESOP are pretty busy or just sit around and wait that something happens and rather bored? In your opinion, which trade is the best combat trade in navy (NCI OP, NES OP or SONAR OP)? What are the senior positions of NESOP?

I would greatly appreciate it if someone could provide me some information about this topic.

Thank you!
hmmm, on my course. Which one are you? I think there's only 3 of you...
Moved to correct forum. Hopefully the OP will take advantage of all the information here.

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