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Navy working to increase enrollment and examine sailor workload


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While personnel shortages are a Canadian Armed Forces (CAF)-wide problem, it is even greater for the navy as fewer than eight per cent of CAF applicants ultimately choose a naval career.


“The problem is circular. By not recruiting enough members, positions aren’t filled and people get overworked,” says Rear Admiral Angus Topshee, Assistant Chief of the Naval Staff – Personnel and Training, and Commander Maritime Forces Pacific, who oversees Project Navy Generation. “Overworked sailors will be less likely to recommend a navy career to others. This is unfortunate as word-of-mouth has historically been our most successful recruiting method. We need to get more people in, get them trained, and then keep them in – that’s essentially the answer.”

Seems like a pretty shallow initiative. Doing more advertising won’t fill 1,000 positions. The Navy needs systemic changes to attract the new demographic.
Shallow dives that have high scores in the "Leading Change" category or the Senior Officers PER's
How dare you! CRCN decreed you shall not share it! Hahahaha


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Modern boats would be a good start.
As Humphrey said, stop treating its people like shit would be a start. SSM was right - systemic changes required to move ahead, and those with at least in inkling of critical thought understand fully that it starts with its people.
Modern anything would be a good start.

Stop treating sailors like it's the age of sail for a start. Look at the Navy's investment in it's facilities for NCOs vs Officers, it's criminal.
What no rum the lash and sodomy? How shall the RCN ever survive? ;)
CRCN needs to acknowledge to the government of the day the following:

Our ships need to be husbanded to last until 2035 at least;
Institute a plan to take 4 ships out of the rotation and go into a massive structural refit to ensure they are safe and capable for the next 15 years;
Crews from those 4 ships will be absorbed by the other 8 to enable a ship to sail with a full complement of qualified people and allow a sustainable sea-shore rotation;
Sea days will be rationalized and superficial sailings reduced to critical public outreach events;
Ships internal schedules will be rationalized to ensure proper rest and rehab is achievable without inhibiting war fighting capability;
Excess personnel will be posted to schools to fill the training billets;
Shortfalls at the schools will be filled with retired trades who retain the required skillset;

The government will need to know that the Navy will have to make these radical steps if they expect to have a deployable fleet for the next 15 years.
The government will also have to revamp the base housing issue so that sailors and officers can afford to live in the areas they are posted to. This is a Forces wide problem that is critical in retention of serving pers.

Don't know how much of this is achievable, especially in the current international climate.
This what I was alluding to when I said they need to invest in facilities for NCMs. Compare Kingsmill to Nelles Block and you see where all the money goes.
For sure, even Halifax has Tribute Tower, which has the west beat by a long shot. I feel bad for those JRs on endless PAT staying in Nelles developing that perpetual shack hack.