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Navy Reserve Intelligence

Ostrozac said:
Not quite everyone, and not all to green, many also switched from Navy Blue to Sky Blue. As I understand it, the percentage of Int Officer Navy DEU was becoming far out of whack of the desired ratio -- one factor that led to this was a very successful Int Navy Reserve that consistently fed officer CT's into the Regular Force, an Army Reserve that was slightly smaller in terms of producing officer CT's by comparison, and an Int Air Force reserve that wasn't really producing any CT's.

Very true, I know two PRes Navy Int who have transfered to the Regs in Army and Airforce in the last two months alone.
Privateer said:
I'm curious to hear how often a Navy-DEU IntO is posted to an "Army" base?  For example, Shilo, Petawawa, Gagetown...?  Is the IntO occupation really purple, or do Navy-DEU IntOs get posted to "Navy" facilities?  (The quotes are used in acknowledgment of the fact that these are actually CF facilities.)

Well, unless things have really changed since I retired from the Int Branch in 2005, you don't. Yes, at one time the Int Branch was a "purple" trade, but things started changing around 2000 or so and they started to split the trade into its respective Army, Navy and Air Force elements.

My last year ('04 - '05) in the military was instructing at the CFSMI here in Kingston and what happened was that the Int OP and Int Officer courses were taught in two phases; in the first phase the newbies were taught all the core elements of the intelligence trade. In the second phase they were then split into their respective elements and taught all the specifics unique to each element.

When you graduated you were posted to your respective army/navy/air force unit/base.

So, unless things have changed, if you are army you go to a army base/unit; navy to navy; AF to AF.

Retired AF Guy said:
So, unless things have changed, .....

They have been in a constant state of change, with every course being run since 2005 being a 'Pilot Course'.  I believe they have now gone full circle.
George Wallace said:
They have been in a constant state of change, with every course being run since 2005 being a 'Pilot Course'.  I believe they have now gone full circle.

Somehow that doesn't surprise me.

I applied for Naval Intelligence Officer in February but all positions (5) filled at the beginning of April.  With the help of my recruiter, I changed for MARS and Signals officer and am now waiting for the interview and medical.  I thought I'd receive the phone call today but I didn't so I'm starting to be kind of stressed.  Joining the military is a dream and I really want it to happen...
Hello All,

I was accepted as an Naval IntO a few months back and I have since completed MOD1 and am doing my schooling pertaining to my degree when I was struck with the question; What does an IntO ( and more specifically what a naval IntO)actually do? I've read the forces. ca website many times and there is of course the info there but I still feel as though I don't have much of a clue of what I will end up doing.

If anyone is able to provide some solid information that would be greatly appreciated.

Also as a side note here (and I wasn't told anything about my aptitude test scores) How good does one have to do on it (The aptitude test) to get selected for Int?(It was my first choice by the way(not that navy was but oh well...))


I am looking for information on how the Intel O trade get to qualification in the reserve.

I know in the MARS trade, there is the:

2. MARS 2
3. MARS 3 (4 months: ASlt commission)
4. MARS 4 (4 months)
5. OOD Qualification (Slt Promotion)
6. OOW Qualification
7. Time in Rank 2 years
8. Lt(N) (Trade qualified)

How about the Intel O trade? How many years does it take to be Lt(N) or Cptn. as an intel O in the reserve.

thank you
The following is based off my current understanding. There may be some changes afoot.

Three years commissioned service. That being said, you also have to achieve all of your training milestones.

You will need BMOQ + OOD and NETPO which are now both DL. You then need BIOQ. I'm not sure if there is any sort of consolidation training afterwards.