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Name This Photo!!! - The AFV Recognition Thread

I think the barrel is an un-ditching log.

Never mind, the barrel in the background...
Tracks look more T-55/54 than T-62.  Turret looks small for a BMP-1, I'd lean towards BMP-2 variant.
NFLD Sapper said:
T-72 main battle tank and BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle ?
That is it.  Light clusters should have ruled out most earlier models.
BMP 2; you can see where the smoke grenade dischargers used to be on the turret.

I'll say BMP-2 & T-62. 
V-Shaped reactive armour, I am going to say T-90. Storage bin should be on the left side of the turret, though, so who knows...?
T27 Armored car....


Good one  :bravo: That took a bit of work....