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Museum Donations?

I do not think my grandfathers medals and logbooks are of great interest to anyone or any group for historical or history making decisions.
He grew up in Oak Lake Manitoba. It was and is a very small town. He joined the RCAF to be a pilot, and he was most proud of being a navigator after he got his pilots wings. His medals tell a story of a kid who left the area not to fight the enemy or anything but because they offered him a buck a day plus food etc and away off the farm and out of Manitoba. He flew transport aircraft, not the glamorous fighters or bombers. He has bomber time but mostly transport aircraft. But there is always some one looking for local history or about the guy who made good. I figured the local museum would be a good home if they wanted the medals to display of a local boy. Making Captain in the army in the 50s and 60s not exactly a great career ending rank. But not everyone is going to be a major or a general. He did his job, had one hell of an adventure, never spoke about his war time, never had a bad thing to say about the army, other than unification. He regretted getting out when he did because he was being tasked for the Vietnam as part of a UN Team. But local history and local stories sometimes are more important than the big picture.

I am just curious if this is a good place to end his story and have him remembered. My kids or their kids could sell the medals and get a couple hundred bucks maybe and some collector have them? Never know if the interest will end with me or if one of the great grand children would be interested or not.
Don't sell his service short. The Far East Campaign hasn't been as extensively researched as Western Europe. It's all the small stories that make up the big one. If you think the kids are too young to know or care, maybe a long term loan to a local museum; that way your family doesn't lose ownership.

A museum displaying artifacts is a visual history. The real history is in the archives of a regiment, or a town, city, province or nation.
True. A museum's exhibit display is an interpretation, a story telling, of the some of the artifacts to engage the public. In reality, the display is also a way to generate needed income.