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Missing Titanic Sub

Well this is interesting… Missing Titanic Sub Once Faced Massive Lawsuit Over Depths It Could Safely Travel To

>At the meeting Lochridge discovered why he had been denied access to the viewport information from the Engineering department—the viewport at the forward of the submersible was only built to a certified pressure of 1,300 meters, although OceanGate intended to take passengers down to depths of 4,000 meters. Lochridge learned that the viewport manufacturer would only certify to a depth of 1,300 meters due to experimental design of the viewport supplied by OceanGate, which was out of the Pressure Vessels for Human Occupancy (“PVHO”) standards. OceanGate refused to pay for the manufacturer to build a viewport that would meet the required depth of 4,000 meters.
Knock, knock...

'Likely signs of life have been detected': Rescue plane hunting missing Titanic submarine with five on board 'hears banging' coming every 30 minutes from near wreck site - raising hopes men are ALIVE as search enters make-or-break day​

  • A Canadian Aircraft picked up the sounds near the disappearance site, a leaked memo suggests
  • The Explorers Club also posted that there have been 'likely signs of life detected'
  • Rescue crews are trying to locate the sub that went missing Sunday on its way to the Titanic wreck site
Again the Canadian P-8’s saving the day…

No amount of money could get me on that thing. A three second risk vs reward analysis is all I'd need to nope that, and that is before reading a little about the company/hiring/firing/safety issues.