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Milnet Decision Game 4: Seize the Far Bank


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Ok, on the heels of DG#3, which looked at responding to an unforeseen tactical event, I present decision game #4.  This takes the DG#3 scenario and flips it on its head.

Like the last problem, this one looks at the command decision making in light of changes to the situation, but also helps us to consider the enemy perspective.  The last DG featured estimates as to why and how the enemy got across the bridge.  In this scenario, you are the enemy, but don't situate the estimate based on previous estimates from DG#3!

Download the document CommandProblem4 and come up with a solution to the dilemma facing the CO of the 2 QOR BG.  Again, don't get caught up in issues such as enemy capabilities or equipment.  Also note that you aren't provided with the actual 4 CMBG OPORD with Commander's Intent, etc, etc.  Don't worry about it - the text explains what you are supposed to be doing clearly enough that you don't need to get fixated on prose from a written OPORD.

The response can be given in a SMESC FRAGO format, or just written in plain English (ou Francais).  Remember to give your understanding of the tactical problem, and what you intend to do in light of the changing situation on the ground.

This problem will be open until 15 January 2019, after which the responses will be judged and then discussed here.  Email responses to milnetDG@milnet.ca.

Any questions can be posted to this thread or emailed to the milnetDG address. 


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I was hoping that this problem involved crossing the river, so that I could explain how I was going to build ramps and run the APCs on them at full speed to reach the far bank...  ;)
DG4 submitted...let's see how badly the sailor does this time.  I pondered calling in Naval Gunfire Support from a Halifax Class Frigate sailing up the river...

Got it.

I'll be interested to see what folks think the enemy is up to now that they've been in those shoes.
In the words of my American gunner friends: "On the Way!"

Submitted.  For the next one maybe we could get the slide with just the terrain on it so we could add our conops to it.
I've gotten a few so far.  I'll extend this one to the 25th for responses, and we'll get a result by the end of the month.

I can try to put PPTs up for the next one; I've tried before without success, but I think Mike's upgraded the site since then.
About ready to wrap this one up and look at responses.  I'll leave it open for the weekend in case anyone has a little time and wants to try with a response.
I posted my solution in DG3 - enclosing it for DG4 here as well...as mentioned, in the absence of a whiteboard (or a sand table) I used a PPT to describe my plan. 



Ok, had a chance to sit down and look at the responses.  Again, thanks to everyone who submitted.  There were four responses submitted this month.  The winner for this month NavyShooter!

I based the criteria for this month's problem on four factors:

1.  Making a Decision in the absence of order!  This is just like the last one; you're holding the bridge, but now it looks like the enemy is coming.  You know your commander wants to push the FGH BG over the bridge, but will the enemy give you time?  Solutions to this problem should consider what to do in light of these circumstances.

2.  Determination of the critical operational issue.  Like the last one, this is - to me - critical and there are multiple ways of considering it.  Is the bridge the vital ground - I guess, yes, as its loss makes the plan fail.  However, if the enemy bottles up the bridge successfully, then how useful is the bridge to your commander?  If the enemy can seize the ground to pen both you and the FGH BG in the bridgehead, then things aren't going to go well.  Perhaps the 212, 214, 245 high features are the vital ground, as the give the FGH BG options to exit?

3.  The Bridgehead Line.  Answering the last question should drive the response to the next question - where to put the bridgehead line, which is defined in doctrine as a line that "includes bridgehead objectives that are defensible and dominate enemy approaches to the crossing area, provides space for manoeuvre and assembly of break-out and bridgehead forces, and allows the break-out force commander a choice as to the point and direction of the break-out."  Where is the best place to put this line?  Two solution put it roughly at the intersections of Red/White, Red/Yellow, and the town.  The other two options pushed the bridgehead out to the 214/218 and 245 features.  There are advantages and disadvantages to either option, but to me, at least, the larger bridgehead option based on the hills is mitigated by the fact that the friendly force possesses interior lines.  All the responses recognized this, and retained some sort of reserve that could attack in any direction.

4.  Mirror Imaging.  The last factor was related to the previous DG.  What does one do to get to the selected bridgehead line, and what does one do once upon it?  We should have an idea, based off our work in the previous DG, of the options open to the enemy.  In that DG, we were all aggressive, as we recognized a changing situation and a vital need to stop the enemy.  Now that the shoe is on the other foot, we should probably be expecting the same behaviour.  Why would the enemy just let us consolidate?  If we are going to get attacked, and perhaps soon, what is the best way to ensure a favourable outcome?  Now, we need to temper this assumption a bit - just because we would do it, doesn't mean he will do it.  But COAs should consider that the enemy is going to make a hard push for the bridge, and has a few options to get to the river, and that it may involve a fight to make it to your selected bridgehead line...after all, that's what we would do.

All in all, this one was probably a bit less "free flow" as the Commander kind of gave you a firm task and end state.  Still, there are decisions to be made to ensure this happens.  Look forward to any additional comments here, and thanks again to those who submitted.
Damn, I got excited for a second that someone actually wanted to talk about the TDGs.....
Maybe I'll kickstart this forum again - just need to find some spare time.
Infanteer said:
Maybe I'll kickstart this forum again - just need to find some spare time.

I met the new editor of the CAJ this week and talked to him for a few mins about the state of the journal.  After over a year since submission it looks like my TDG article will get published.  I told him I'd be willing to make more for the journal as well.  The ones we have here would be good additions.