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Military use of Gators outside fortified bases

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I will make the same point I have made in an other thread....

How about we leave the platforms and tactics to the tactical commanders.  None of us can ever second guess the decisions of a tactical commander.

Only those who are present at the decision, or have previously articulated their concerns, and make their concerns apparent have the right to second guess.

Full stop.

Tactical commanders are making tactical decisions every day.  Most of us have no concept of their reality...

If you haven't been inside the tactical commander's head at the Bn, Coy, Sect, Gp level, perhaps you think twice before criticizing...

Carry on the good work all of you who are leading the way for us

and on that fine post by devil39, I think we'll call this thread a "wrap". If someone has something useful to add, PM a Moderator.

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Different needs require different tools and at the same time certain circumstances preclude certain tools.

I cannot speak for this specific incident (and I suspect that nobody here can currently do so either).  However, my observations, from the time of a previous battle group in the same AO, were that there are times that the gator is the best available tool to meet the needs given the constraints.

To the fine retired gentlemen who have chosen to inform us that no un-armoured vehicle should ever be used, I suggest you have become out of touch with what it means to be a soldier.  Next you will be lining up to tell us that soldiers should never dismount because that might expose them to the danger of being outside the hull.

As a final thought, nothing saps away moral quicker than a deployed soldier visiting this site to see his unit’s tactical judgement being picked apart by folks that don’t know the details . . . and there are details that we will never see in print and which those deployed will not be permitted to discuss with us.  Let’s give them a break & stop the second guessing. 
Not open for further replies.