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Military Discounts List

I've taken advantage of the Porter CAF perks on occasion. Besides the perks, I've found the people at Porter make other airlines look like they are operating out of Lower Slobovia (oldsters will know where that is  ;) )
recceguy said:
I've taken advantage of the Porter CAF perks on occasion. Besides the perks, I've found the people at Porter make other airlines look like they are operating out of Lower Slobovia (oldsters will know where that is  ;) )

We once (or twice...) patrolled the AOR between Lower Slobovia and Middle Fantasia. Those Dudaninan forces were relentless!!
Back-posture or shoulder problems.? This company offers a military discount of 50% on their "posture performance shirt" This product was seen on the Dragon's Den on CBC. I have just purchased one and wanted to pass on the discount Adrenal-Ease offered when I asked. Should you wish to purchase online, they accept Visa, MC Paypal etc.

Make sure you type HALF50 in the coupon box for your discount.

Tapion House is a guest house in the Tapion District of Castries, St Lucia, West Indies, that overlooks lovely Tapion Bay.  My wife and I run the place and we are both veterans of the Canadian Army, having some 45 years of service between the two of us.  We offer a 10% discount to all current and former serving CF personnel as well as police forces.  This also extends to all member nations of the Commonwealth and NATO.  This discount is in addition to and cumulative with all of our other offers and discounts.

For example, we provide a 10% discount for all guests staying a week or more.  So, a military member staying with us for a week would receive a 20% discount.  We have two suites, each with their own rate, however the Ocean View Suite is currently rented on a long-term basis until December 2016.  Our Garden View Suite has a daily rate of $75 USD/night, but for a military member or veteran staying a week or longer, the rate drops to $60 USD/night.

Additionally, for all our guests staying a week or more, we provide at no charge and with our compliments your choice of four of the following:

a.  a bottle of white wine (Yellow Tail or similar);

b.  a bottle of red wine (Yellow Tail or similar);

c.  a 1 litre "growler" of Antillia Brewing Company's finest pale ale, stout, wheat ale or seasonal ale (flavoured with tropical treats like mango, passion fruit, starfruit, etc); or

d.  a dozen Piton Beer.

If you prefer, we would definitely remove the alcohol and substitute an equivalent value of bottled water, juice, soda or other beverages of your choice. 

In addition to the beverages, we also provide a $100 XCD credit to you and we will lay in the groceries of your choosing.  This way, when you arrive, you don't have to worry about grocery shopping until after breakfast the next day.

Wifi is free as is parking.  VAT is included in all our rates.  There is no cleaning fee when you leave, we do not charge additional person fees and parking is likewise complimentary.

Our Garden View Suite has two bedrooms (Queen Bed in the master, double bed in the junior), a full kitchen with all pots, pans, cutlery, dishes, etc, air conditioning, a beautiful balcony and in suite laundry facilities.

We can be found on VRBO, AirBnB, Trip Advisor, FlipKey, Facebook, Twitter and of course, at our website of www.tapionhouse.com.  Always feel free to write us at tapionhouse@hotmail.com or tapionhouse@gmail.com or call Don at 758-723-2230 or Doris at 758-723-2174.

Thank you all for your service and we would love to see you down here and share the beauty and culture of St Lucia with you!



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That looks and sounds like a very nice place!

Beautiful dogs you two have.  :nod:
Those looking for a new phone Telus has a nice discount....see attachment. More info can be seen on https://www.cfappreciation.ca/Pages/default.aspx



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BTW you got prompt service with the program I listed above. Next day shipping to your door, they will put you on a corporate account though to get the discounted plan rates. Took this offer to BELL and they couldn't match so I switched..so far no issues..

This is who you have to deal with:

Telus - Skywireless

Employee Purchase Plan is now available to all currently serving and Veterans of the Canadian Forces, Department of National Defence employees, and eligible members of the CF Appreciation Program (CF One card holders with codes: CF, V, D).

Telus Phones are available

Telus Rate Plans available

For Inquiries Email: sam@skywireless.ca Sam McDermott at sam@skywireless.ca / 647 883 4397 Scan & email – activate@skywireless.ca Fax - 905.850.2899

Please Include your CFOne Card and a matching piece of photo ID
At www.mydogtag.com they offer a 25% discount to active duty or veteran Canadian, USA, and NATO Military or Police force personnel. They also offer this discount for dogtags made in a memorial tribute to fallen or wounded soldiers. Contact them using your military email address with your info and they will provide you with a coupon code. I emailed them at help@mydogtag.com

They also have the latest technology for engraving the ID Discs.
Canadian Tire gas stations offer:  3 cents off every Friday.

If staff argue - reference: pg 16 RCL magazine Sept/Oct 2016 issue

Small print:
"Must show CF ID or CF1 card to qualify, with payment in all kiosks at CT Gas+ locations."
ID's include: NDI 10, 20, 75, VA, Health Benefit card, or CF1 cards with CF, FF, V or D on the card.

Check with your local Mr. Lube location this November 10th.
Most locations are offering a free oil change to serving members, and veterans.
Coast Hotels said:
Enjoy 15% off Best Available Rate!
It's our way of honoring you.
Each year around this time, we take a step back from our caffeine-fueled days to remember and honor our heroes, the veterans and active duty military members. To show our appreciation, we're proud to offer veterans 15% off Best Available Rate for stays from November 1 to November 30, 2016 at participating hotels.
Bed Bath and Beyond is offering 25% off almost everything from 10-13 November for CAF members, retireees & spouses.
I've heard a few times that as military/gov't workers Rogers offers a 30% discount on all plans, even our personal ones. Yet I tried calling to apply, and they responded with something along the lines of "Talk to your HR representative and they will give you some sort of access code and you would send us an email from your work email address and we would then be able to see what kind of discount you get".
My first question is has anyone done this successfully, and secondly, who would be our HR folks? I'm currently on parental so I'm not to sure how to go about this.
Cabela's Canada is offering their employee discount to serving military, veterans, law enforcement, fire, EMS, Coast Guard and Conservation Officers from 10 - 13 November 2016 on all in-store merchandise.
George Wallace said:

Why have you not gotten your CF1 Card?


Who says I don't have one....anyways posted it more as info for anyone thinking on using the service.
For those of you who vape and are in the lower mainland, Cloud Cache offers a 10% discount to all military, veterans, and first responders. Thet are in Burnaby at 101-7655 Edmonds St. I use them to get my juice.
Just a shot in the dark here, but by "lower mainland" you are not referring to upper and lower Canada... I was smart see, and I put 2 and 2 together when you said Burnaby and deduced you are talking about New Brunswick... because EVERYTHING cool happens in New Brunswick...
Hi everyone, I recently found that with our job's email ( @forces.gc.ca )
we could register to some companies that offer really interesing discount. Its called a pro account.

I recently register on
- outdoor reasearch - that offer 50% off everything , I ordered for 450$ and received everything within 2 days.

- Black Diamond- that offer really great discount too

-The north Face canada.

- Oakley canada.

if you guys know other companies that offer pro account or vip account to canadian forces member I would appreciate if you could share it ! thanks.