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Military co-op & Aptitude Test


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I'm in Grade 11 and wanted to get into a Canadian Forces co-op that my school was offering. In order to be accepted, everyone had to pass the CFAT. I failed twice, having a weakness in the problem solving section.

While my ignorance and lack of serious preparation isn't an excuse, I was never told that we only got three attempts in life to pass this test. Many more kids from my area are in the same predicament that I'm in and the future career I wish to pursue is now in jeopardy.

While I plan to take years to prepare for my final attempt, is there any way that my previous failures could be nullified as I was not of legal age to serve at the time?
If I'm not wrong, I think you have to be over 16 to take the CFAT in the first place (don't quote me), so you should really ask your recruiter about that, other than that, there's really no way to get those prior CFAT scores wiped off your record.