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Microsoft lays off an ethical AI team as it doubles down on OpenAI

I'm not far off. When we bought our little hobby farm there were exemptions and exceptions that I was unsure about so we found an accounting firm for help. I had used 'preparers' before and was less than impressed. Spool ahead a number of years, farm sold so I go to Turbo Tax. It works fine for a few years, then they change the reporting rules for capital gains. Every institution used different forms and terms for the same thing. I screwed it up so royally on Turbo Tax I went back to the accounting firm and have never looked back.
Thats what they want.

They (government) wants taxes to be complicated thanks to the lobbyists from the tax filing companies. If it was simple and easy anyone could do it without assistance.
It doesn’t have all the online sign in bullshit, so there’s that. Also less likely to Skynet and attempt to kill us, so there’s that too.
You uttered the S word.......now we're done ;)