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Merged 64 Pattern Rucksack thread

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What is the better ruck sack?

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  • Pack 64 Jump Ruck

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PTE Gruending

IE: The old style of ruck? And the old style, "smaller" and green beret?
If by the "older" ruck you mean ‘64 pattern ruck frame, you can search for it on ebay using "lightweight rucksack"... the US Vietnam ruck is the same as the ‘64 pattern ruck.
Apparently the ‘64 pattern is still in the system, but only for really small people..
Anyone out there know where I can get the main pouch for a 64 pattern? I have a frame. Or is there a way to Mcgiver the current pouch to it? :confused: Carry on! :salute:
I have an 82-pattern bag on a 64-pattern frame, so it is possible. If you‘re still looking for a 64-pattern bag, you may want to try army surplus stores. In Toronto, there must be some available.
Did you mount your valise above or below your pouch? What i‘m getting at is that I have tried a few positions on the frame and it doesn‘t look or feel right with the 82 pattern bag. Maybe I need more gun tape!! Carry on!
You should be able to mount an 82 pattern bag over the 62 pat frame without too much problems except for the kidney pad. The end product should be virtually indistinguishable from the 82 pattern if you look at it from the back -- which means the valise goes on the bottom.

What you do is you wrap the top lips of the bag over the top bar -- the corners might get a little snug so don‘t aim for perfection. Wrap the rest of the straps in the midsection around the frame... and you should be good to go. The valise on my ruck is roughly halfway past the bottom rung of the frame, but it‘s secured by the usual straps.

Or if you want to shell out $$$ Wheeler‘s has a specially designed bag for it, old style valise above.
I have a 64 pattern Ruck frame and Webbing set. Does anyone have a old info sheet on assembly??
I have no idea how to put this together and to do it wrong would result in death by RSM. I also would not use my 82 ruck bag also for fear of death. Any information picturs or the like would be appreciate. --RK--
Try this site:


Or search for "Lightweight Rucksack" -- that‘s the U.S. Vietnam conflict-era counterpart.
You can check the surplus stores for a copy of the bag for the ruck. I have seen them in the store in West Edm Mall when I was there this spring. It came in CADPAT as well as OD and black. the shoulder strap assembly from the 82 pattern works well it you have the frame.

3 RCR issues them out to Para with a new built bag of material similar to the 82 ruck bag. You may find them out and about too.
I have the frame and the main bag for a jump ruck but can't mate them up together properly. Any ideas where I can find a diagram on how to mate them together. Thanks.
I dunno if this will help or not, but here's the instructions on how to attach a ruck on the US Light Weight Ruck(Vietnam Era ruck, its similar to the Canadian 64 one I think)

Thanks alot DNA thats helps alot. It seams my ruck is not as complete as I thought. Again thanks Cheers!      :salute:
Hey guys i just completed my new 64 pat ruck suck. I was going to make a detailed description (with pictures and all) on how to put the ruck togeather using the following components

1 64 pat frame
1 64 pat bag (ppcli has a really good one)
1 82 pat shoulder strap assembly
1 82 pat kidney belt (including waist strap)
2 valice straps (i just got them from mec)

if there are a few people that say they want to know how, ill start making the manual right away.

ya post em! if you can also think of a way to fit our existing ruck onto the frame using present straps that would be appriciated too.
Question-do you require a medical chit to use the jump ruck frame?
I have the new bag on the old frame - it was fairly simple to do, and I didn't need any extra straps.  I added a civilian waist belt, and it is the cat's a@@.
gun plumber, i dont htink you need a chit for that. In my unit they allow people to use the 64, some incourage it. Its a strong frame compared to the wire frame of our 82. IT also focuses the heavy wait on the upper back the way it should of been. Im sure you have hear this already. But with my experience so far, you do not need a chit, but ask your sec 2ic or someone on those lines if you can use it.
Ohh sorry guys i forgot im starting to make the manual now, should take 2-3 days