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Mat tech with journeyman red seal


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Posted this in "recruits only" earlier, figured it might get more feedback in here.

I have been ghosting the forums for a while now and haven't seen a lot of info for aspiring material techs. there is a reddit for most other trades but not for mat tech.

I am a Alberta red seal, journeyman welder with 10 years of experience and was curious about a couple things.
I was supposed to write my CFAT on the 21 but it was canceled due to covid restrictions so I'm taking the time to learn more about the trades and sharpen my math and PT.

Just trying to keep moving forward in any way I can.

1. What is the minimum score I need on the CFAT for mat tech or vehicle tech?

2. Will my previous trade experience make me more competitive in the application for mat tech even though it is not an "in demand" trade?

3. How much if any of the trade qualification training will I be able to surpass?

4. What are the chances of getting a full time welding posting over sewing and cleaning gas masks, and will my previous experience matter in that regard?

If I cant use my already acquired skills and the CAF would not benefit from them I would rather learn new skills and better/push myself as a vehicle tech. Doing recovery, fighting with infantry, and generally more field time sounds like something I would enjoy.

At the end of the day I will do any job I am tasked, I don't mind pushing a broom, but Its good to enjoy going to work at the same time.

Sorry if that is too many questions and thanks for any answers!!

After further inquiry and a little reading, I think I can somewhat answer my own questions.

1. As a semi skilled applicant It doesn't really matter what I get on the CFAT more on how my TSD and interview go . But a higher mark will make me more competitive in selection ( which also sort of answers question 2. Yes I will be more competitive, and with no intake numbers yet who knows what is "in demand" or how many positions are avail.)

Still not entirely sure on 3. but I am going to assume (and possibly make an ass of myself) that I can skip any portions of training already covered by my apprenticeship.

such as:

Shop mathematics
Interpretation of mechanical drawings and blueprints
Power and hand tools
Metallurgy and heat treatment
Pattern development and layout
Welding: Oxy-acetylene, Gas Metal Arc, Gas Tungsten Arc, Shielded-metal Arc
Plasma arc cutting

and will start my BOQ training somewhere around:

Metal surface refinishing
Auto body repair and refinishing
Rust-proofing and retreatment
Drilling, threading and reaming
Textile repair
Sewing-machine repair
Respirator repair
Repair of fibreglass and composite materials
Identification of metals, alloys and plastics

4. You go where the CAF needs you when they tell you.

If someone in the MOS could elaborate or clarify the exact progression of a semi-skilled mat tech candidate through the BOQ and possible QL3 promotions, timelines and/or postings it would be highly appreciated.

Not holding my breath with everything going on virus related... I feel its a long road for me yet, but still looking to get after it.

Thanks in advance!
This is just my guess, but I imagine they will just have you do the full trades course as you are lacking a substantial portion of it and it wouldn't make a ton of sense to just try and piecemeal tailor the course for you. I am not in the trade, just a guess based off what I have seen with other trades qualified people who went into trades that aren't exactly aligned with the whole trade.
The nice thing about doing the whole Mat Tech course is that you will say with a cohort and make lifelong bonds. It was also be a bit of a break for your when you are "learning" the things you already know which can be nice and gives you a chance to shine a little. You can also spend sometime helping your course mates who maybe are not as skilled as you and struggling a on a topic that you have achieved mastery in your civilian trade.
I will go on to add... Mat Tech is a pretty awesome trade. If I was to join again as an NCM, I would strongly consider Mat Tech. I think it is amazing how they can take a pile of raw materials (metal, wood, textiles, paint) and turn them into useful stuff that solves unique problems where you cannot buy the fix because it is too expensive, not available or cannot be procured quickly. When they do their magic in a well equipped shop in garrison I am impressed. When they do it out of a truck in the middle of a farmers field on exercise I am floored. I am also amazed at the number of times I would see vehicle techs, biomedical equipment techs, EO techs, weapons techs, Communication System Technologist visiting the Mat Tech for help on some facet of a project or repair they were working on. Diverse skill set much broader than that of civilian tradesmen or crafts, which keeps it interesting I suspect.

We have some truly talented people in this trade in the Corps of the RCEME. Good luck.