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Looking for new Pams


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Hey all,

I'm looking for someone that has the new pams that were publihsed, only in pdf format thus far, some two-three months ago. I heard from a buddy of mine that just got off his PLQ about 90 days ago that soldiers on that course were given a CD of them, but the Army Electronic Library doesn't seem to have them, and my buddy lost his set when his hard drive failed while working here, in Ottawa, with the Ceremonial Guard. I only remember that one of them was called the Gunslinger Programme, or somesuch, that sounds like a replacement for the "Shoot to Live" pam. Some of the new doctrine was passed on to us by a MCpl from the RCR that just came back from his second tour in Afghanistan, and I'd love to get my hands on the actual documentation. Can anyone help me out, or point me in the right direction?

Much thanks,

I believe its the "Gunfighter Program," And when you find it, let me know, I'd like to have a look as well
Search for "Gunfighter" on the DIN
I found it on the 1,2nd and 3rd hits.

If you are still looking one pub to check is B-GL-382-001 Canadian Forces Operational Shooting Program.  It includes the PWT4 for quick aim shooting.  You can find it on the army electronic library but you will need a DIN account to access it.