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Long wait for Medical Result


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I had my medical interview and phone interview done 2 months back. Then they asked me fill DND 2780 as I am 40 years old. I got it filled and sent 15 days afterwards. I got confirmation from CAF that they have received the form. But afterwards I have not seen any movement in my application status. The status is still showing as "Ready for Medical/Interview". I am perfectly healthy and do not have any medical problems. All my parameters are perfect. Has anyone faced this much delay as well.
Same. I'm getting back into the army after 10 years away. My medical was submitted 6 weeks ago.
I don't work in recruiting anymore; but I would say be patient. The CAF as a whole takes a great deal of our leave during June-August. There are also campaigns that run as specific times of the year; so they're also trying to ensure that everyone for paid education starting in September is through the system with offers. Patience is key, and there's no harm in following up with your recruiting centre directly to ask for a possible timeline on your application.