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hey iwas wondering if every one heard the same thing my friend told me that the librals are abandoning JTF2 if it is true what are your oppions on that
Very unlikely.

Does your friend actually have a reference for this rumour? There is no sense in debating an idle rumour which will be fueled by some people's readiness to believe the worst of the federal government.
thank you for your reply i also thinks it very unlikely its just ever time i tell my my friend its very unlikely he goes on and on and never shuts up so i just figured i should get him some proof
Go your friends house and prank phone call the JTF, that'll probably keep him quiet for a while.
I heard they may be re-naming JTF2.  I don't know why, and I don't have any factual info to back it up.  Just thought I'd throw it out there.

I like the name JTF2 it sounds so secret squirrel.
Just curious dude, why would you throw out a completly unfounded unfactual rumor?

Where did you come across this little rumor?
scm77, please don't waste our time and bandwidth with baseless rumours and hearsay, it just makes my job harder.
ringo_mountbatten said:
i think the fact he can't spell liberals pretty much discounts anything he has to say.  

Maybe he was just spelling it phonetically? :P
Perhaps a bit of spoofing, emcon policy= 0, but that call resides elsewhere ..