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LFWA Summer Training Schedule


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Hi all,

I was wondering if there was a link on the LFWA site for tentative summer course dates.  Everything from my chain of command still seems to be rumors of dates, but I was wondering if there is somewhere that this information is posted straight from the LFWA training center?

I was planning on taking a trip to Europe for a month this summer, but if the opportunity comes up to get both my SQ and QL3 done consecutively between June-August, i'll move my travel plans to April; I just want to make sure I have the latest information before I book my flights.

Thanks in advance
Let's not forget that you can have the schedule but the ultimate decision lies with your unit and higher if they can fit you on course.  If other units/brigades fill the course you want with nominations then you could find yourself stuck off course. Make sure you let your chain of command know as soon as you can of your availability so they can pass it on to the RSS staff in your unit.
Dates are not yet confirmed and will not be until the training conference is done later this month. Expect your unit ops cell to have access to confirmed course dates this summer sometime in March. There are draft calendars out, but they may not accurately reflect the final product.
Was hoping to revive this topic in order to see if there has been any news on the status of a June reserve BMQ-Land course. I am hoping to get on a BMQ-L in June so that I can head off to do my QL3 in July-August right after.

Units will be aware of coursse, and aware of dates, and aware of the number of vacancies they have been allocated.

For those with DWAN access, the LFDTS page links to CTC which links to the National Training Calendar, which lists all courses run by the Army.