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Just in case you were feeling significant today...


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I'm a bit of an astronomy geek so this stuff in these two pictures fascinates me.

Another humbling thought: If our sun was the size of a ping pong ball, the earth would be a dust sized spec 2 and a half meters away. Jupiter is 12 meters away. Pluto is 100. The Oort cloud extends several dozen kilometers beyond that. The nearest star is 700 kms away.

If the earth's orbit is a cm across the entire galaxy is just within the actual diameter of earth. The next galaxy is more than half the distance as we are from the moon.

If the entire Milky Way galaxy were the size of a CD, most other galaxies would still be several feet apart, and it would still take centuries to walk past all of the galaxies in the known universe.

I just like to keep things in perspective.  :p

What a rotating moon would look like:

What a rotating moon would look like:


Everyboby knows the moon isn't real!  :nod:
I like the theory cant quote it but it's like the end of Men in Black 2 or Hortin hears a who!

That even the cells , Atoms and sub atomic particles represent other levels of existence (Mirco Universe)

And that thought makes me feel small thinking we could be as said before some piece of dust.