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Just enrolled in reserves... I think.


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Ok so here is the story, I went down to our local reserve unit and handed all my original documents in they copied them, stamped them and gave me a tour of their ???? building, base I have no clue :) I was told that I should be expecting a call by the end of August, for testing???

Kinda funny but I have no clue what all the abbreviations mean or any lingo, I DO know that I have wanted to be a part of the Canadian Forces for a very long time. I am just not too sure what the next steps are...

Also I told the person who was doing the applications that I would not be available for their weekend training in the winter, he said that was fine and they would arrange for me to go to ??? another basic somewhere else? Is the basic training different for reserves? WOW there is SO much I don't know.
There is still a ways to go. You aren't enrolled in the reserves yet, you just applied for a job. You have to pass an aptitude test, physical test, medical exam, background check, and interview. After that is all completed, if they choose to offer you a job, they will make an official offer for you to consider. If you accept, I am fairly certain you will attend a swearing in ceremony, but that part I am not sure about for reserves. Someone else can clarify that part. Don't worry, they will make things clearer as you go along.

Things WILL get confusing, but that's just how it goes. So yes, for right now just sit back and wait for a phone call to do testing. Make sure you are physically fit (be able to do 20+ pushups in a row, 20+ situps in under a minute, and be able to run 2.4km in under 12 minutes without keeling over. Also brush up on your math if you aren't strong in that department. Search for "CFAT" on this forum, and do the practice exam:

Thank you! I think I did know that there was tons more work to do yet, I am excited but still freaked out, because I am not too sure what trade I REALLY want, so I really hope I will like the one I chose as first... :)
Mate there is the CFAT, Interview, Physical, Medical testings. Your looking at a good 3-6 month (from my own experience) wait period before you swear in if suc cessful in the mentioned testings.
Mr. BC, did you give them your top 3 choices of trades?

I am in the process of enrolling as well, have all my paperwork in and hoping to write my CFAT soon and then on with the rest of the process, Goodluck!
For the trade, you will have little hoices if you really want to join a specific Primary reserve unit. You have to look at what they need (speak with them). For example, if it's a field ambulance unit, you can't choose infantry, you must choose medical tech, or admin clerk, or something else they do hire.
yes I gave them my top 3 :D all three of the ones they are hiring for.
Seems like all you did was apply.
Did you check if the armoury you applied at had, lets say, had Wednesday night info sessions?
If they do I highly recommend dropping in, they can be fairly informative.
Everything is going great! I am to get a call in the next few weeks.
Good! Im glad, don't get discouraged and id recommend contacting the recruiting officer end of each week, I had been e-mailing back and forth with mine- got the call last week for my scheduling for physical and medical!

pummmped, goodluck keep us updated!