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JTF-2/Airborne destined for land north of Trenton?

Captain Sensible said:
And before that it was "Master Corporal Sensible"....."Corporal Sensible"...heck, back in the Militia, at one time I was "Sergeant Sensible!"

With much lower pension potential of course...therefore an adance to Captain was preferable.... now your sensibility pays out at a higher percentage (and possibly even indexed!)
geo said:
But, it'll never go by the name of CAR....

Canadian Parachute Regiment, perhaps...?  Were they not called that in World War II?
To be extremely nitpicky.
Was the WWII 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion considered to be part of The Parachute Regiment?
AJFitzpatrick said:
To be extremely nitpicky.
Was the WWII 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion considered to be part of The Parachute Regiment?

I don't believe so but, I could be wrong.
HolgerDanske said:
I don't believe so but, I could be wrong.


"The integration of 1 Cdn Para Bn into the British Airborne force was the next subject of discussion.............It was agreed that the unit would remain part of the Canadian Army in the United Kingdom, but would be placed under command of the Airborne Division.......On 7 Apr 43 N.D.H.Q. cabled the necessary authority for inclusion of 1 Cdn Para Bn in the 6th British Airborne Division.........Under "attachment" all Canadian troops in the Para Bn would become in effect British troops and would be subject to British military law, i.e. the statutes and regulations for the British Army during the period of "attachment"........................1 Cdn Para Bn had clearly established its reputation as an efficient unit in 6 Airborne Div.............................."

Source:The 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion; Organization and Training, July 1942-June 1944

And if you read the report you will see that there were TWO Cdn Para Bn's.

Edit to add another source:
Victory From Above - The First Canadian Parachute Battalion

"The bravery of Canada's Parachute Battalion knows no bounds. Among the most effective repellents of the Nazi threat in World War II, the battalion has earned a formidable reputation in military circles across the globe. This release offers a..."

Boegel, Gary.  Boys of the Clouds: An Oral History of the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion 1942-1945 Trafford Publishing (May 3, 2005)
GreyMatter said:
Formerly the 'Officer-Cadet Sensible'.... at one time your name was a contradiction in terms...
Hey! I resemble that comment! Errr... i meant to say resent...
Kingston Whig Standard

Posted By Luke Hendry

Canada's Department of National Defence still wants to buy land north of CFB Trenton, but Osprey News has learned officials will settle for much less than the ideal amount.

In written answers to Osprey News questions, DND spokesman Dave Martin said the DND still wants to buy about 401 hectares (990 acres) of land between the base, RCAF Road, Meyers Creek Road and Whites Road.

But, for the first time, he added the government can work with less land if landowners won't sell the full amount.

"The minimum requirement is for 220 hectares," Martin said.

That figure is equal to about 544 acres, or roughly 55 per cent of the total desired area.

The government has never released specific details of why it wants the land. Yesterday, Martin would say only that it "is required for CFB Trenton expansion." He added the department is not looking at land anywhere else except within the original area.

To date, the DND has bought about six hectares (15 acres) near the base. Martin said efforts to acquire more land continue, but that he could release little information, including the federal budget for the land acquisition project.

"DND does have expenditure authority from Treasury Board to proceed with this land acquisition," he said. "However, given that negotiations are currently taking place, it would be inappropriate to share numbers."

Some residents have raised the issue of expropriation, wondering if the government would take their land should they refuse to sell. Martin said that is not in the current plan.

"DND has no intention of pursuing expropriation as a means to acquire any of the desired properties at this time," he said.
The new land expansion is more likely to build new hangers to house the four new C-17 beasts we just purchased.

But at this point it's all speculation.
JTF 2 (remember that campaign promise to put a new airborne battalion at Trenton)?

Well, before we start housing JTF2, someone has to develop accomodations for 4 C17s, their equipment and their crews.  Then there's the CH47 Chinooks that will be coming down the pipe.  Then there will be the CC130Js that'll come in at some time in the future, etc, etc, etc......

Don't think there is an immediate and pressing need to install an Airborne Bn in Trenton (or any other Cdn base).
geo said:
Don't think there is an immediate and pressing need to install an Airborne Bn in Trenton (or any other Cdn base).

There is still Mountain View................
geo: But surely the Conservatives take their (silly in several cases) defence promises seriously?

Conservative campaign promises: other shoes drop/CF strength increases

Campaign promises and JTF 2

Stupid Conservative defence promises

SuperSlug said:
Bigger Tim Hortons?

Well hey, there's a new one going up in these parts nice & close to the front gate.

I ask one thing --

Can ALL the people with the long lists for courses make sure that they use this one??

Then I'll go to one of the other 3 ...  >:D