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Jim Steinman, hitmaker for Meat Loaf and Céline Dion, dead at 73


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Damn.... that's a shame:

Jim Steinman, the Grammy-winning composer who wrote Meat Loaf's best-selling Bat Out Of Hell debut album as well as hits for Céline Dion, Air Supply and Bonnie Tyler, has died, his brother said. He was 73.

Bill Steinman told The Associated Press that his brother died Monday from kidney failure and was ill for some time. He said Jim Steinman died in Connecticut near his home in Ridgefield.

"I miss him a great deal already," Bill Steinman said by phone Tuesday.

Jim Steinman was born on Nov. 1, 1947, in New York City.

He was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2012 and won album of the year at the 1997 Grammy Awards for producing songs on Céline Dion's Falling Into You, which celebrated its 25th anniversary last month and featured the Steinman-penned power ballad It's All Coming Back to Me Now.

Dude, if you're going nowhere fast let me know, I could use a lift :)

One of my favourite song writers....love the long winded type songs. Was looking for something to listen too until the Leaf game....time for some Bad For Good.

"And I said Gawd dammit Daddy, you know I love you,...but you got a hell of a lot to learn about rock and roll."


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He was one hell of a song writer.

Paradise by the Dashboard Lights - a masterpiece IMO