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It's Not Over Yet


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The military has been a personal dream of mine from a very young age. I worked as hard as I could to amass relevant work experience and the best grades possible in HS, only to find myself medically rejected for having seen a psychiatrist. I applied for ROTP again this year and was told my application would be discontinued as my medical could not be completed before the selection boards sat. However, it has been one year this week since last I saw a psychiatrist. I have had no problems since then, gotten excellent grades, and amassed a good amount of volunteer and work experience in advance of next year's application. I am confident that this year I will be cleared for service and be able to go on to a long and fruitful career with the Canadian Forces.

This board has been very helpful to me and I hope to update you all with good news as time passes.
Ah the medical, many people's brick wall. Wish you luck this time around. You can ace everything else all you want, if you don't meet their medical standards, well, you gave it your best. That's how I see it.