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Israel denies plan to attack Iran with nukes

From what I've read in Jane's Defence Weekly online, over the past two years - Israel has purchased external fuel tanks for their strike aircraft which extend their range sufficient for hitting Iran. They've also bought improved comms, jammers and countermeasures. Couple that with current training, and it's obvious that they are not only drafting contingency plans for a strike, but actually undertaking training for one. This may be nothing more than a deterrent on the Israeli part though.

I'm not a physics genius, but I do believe that it would take Iran some time to develop the complex detonation and sequencing devices for a nuke - though I will concede that they may well have already purchased the services of former Soviet techies for this purpose......

As a former archaeology student, I'd rather Israel not contaminate the soil for the next several thousand years, but if the options come down to hitting an underground plant with limited civilian casualties from a low yield detonation, vice losing Tel Aviv, or Haifa (Jerusalem's probably out of the question due to the Dome of the Rock), then by all means - turn it into a self lighting parking lot.