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Information on Wounded Marines?


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I just found out through the grapevine that a Marine from my hometown was injured in Afghanistan. It sounds like he stepped on a mine, or got hit by an IED. I just can't find any more information than that. Any idea on where I could look? I'm not in direct contact with his family, typically, so I'm looking for Internet sources. I don't know what unit he's in, or where in Afghanistan the incident occured.
US Forces, like Canadian Forces, does not release information on the wounded.
I'd think only Next of Kin would get any info like that. You might have to get in touch with them
I've since found out that he's at Walter Reed now, and lost both legs, one above and one below the knee. Our hometown is really rallying to support him, which is nice.
My best wishes to him on the long road back and may he enjoy a fruitful future.