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"illinois national guard"


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has anyone seen the music video for the country song "convoy" by paul brant.  he says something about the illinois national guard but an the video they look alot like canadians to me . if u have seen it tell me wat u think
it was pilots form the illinois national guard that bombed the ppcli in afghanistan in 2002.  i have not heard the song or seen the video, but with paul brandt being canadian he probably has strong feelings about the friendly fire incident. 
The video was filmed in Wainwright, and some of the soldiers stationed there are in the video. Search the forum, an your find one or two threads on this.
yeah I actually watched the making of the video on CMT.  Paul Brandt does use Canadian troops in his video.  The lyrics say Illinois National Guard because it is a re-make of the original song "Convoy" by C.W. McCall who was an American.  The video was shot out in Alberta I believe and he uses other Canadian country singers such as Jason McCoy, Aaron Lines, as truck drivers and George Canyon as the "Smokey".  His wife is the female truck driver and Mike Commodore and another Calgary Flames player are two of the guys in the police line up.  I assume the troops are reservists from somewhere in Alberta.  If anybody on here participated in the video I'd be interested to know where the soldiers were from.  It's a great video, even if you don't like country.
It was a remake, the original used Illinois National Guardsmen, the remake used Patricias and yes it was filmed in Wainwright.  It had nothing to do with the bombing in the Afghanistan.

Here's the CBC article on it:

Notice the caption under the low vis flag picture? I sent them a nasty-gram explaining the basics of cam and concealment, the reason for a low vis flag, and the fact that a red and white flag on CADPAT kind of defeats the purpose of having CADPAT.  The original caption was something to the effect "even the Cdn flag is camouflaged".

I liked the original as a kid, too.

Brandt's sister was a Trooper in the KOCR here in town if you want a piece of trivia.  She passed the boards to become an officer then disappeared from sight.

A google search will find you the family's real name (it ain't Brandt).  So many consonants it can only be Polish or Welsh...
I enjoyed participating in the video.After all how many time do you get to do that in a lifetime!If anyone saw the canadian country music awards you also saw more of the WATC family up on stage with Paul singing along to "convoy".Yes,I found it a bit hokey wearing canadian uniforms,driving canadian vehicals and then being called the illinios(sp)national gaurd.All of the soldiers are from various formations on base-Base maintanace,Supply,Admin and PAT platoon.
Things to watch for that I thought were funny
1.After being refered to as the gaurd,Canadian licence plates are clearly visible
2.You have to look hard,but in the last sence we don't have any sights on our rifles
3.After we were told to remove our flags off our uniforms,the MPs left thier's on