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Ian [Kat] Stevens

Damn. Seriously...just damn.

I'd never met Ian, but I genuinely always enjoyed reading his posts and chatting with him on here for the past decade or so.

I'll actually really miss him. I'm sorry to hear this news.

Rest Easy friend 🥂
Never met Kat, but that photo of him in uniform, with a big smile, is a nice way to remember him.

Thanks for posting it.
For those wondering if there will be a service for Ian,

From Chelsea Stevens (Ian's daughter)

"I know there are a lot of people who would like to know about a service for our dad.
Dad never wanted a funeral service and we have decided as a family to respect his last known wishes.
We have discussed having a celebration of life at a future date. Some time is required for the family to manage.
Thank you to everyone for your condolences."
I always found his input to discussions here valuable, including when he disagreed with me and caused me to reconsider my own positions. A sad loss for our community here.

RIP, Sapper.
He was a thoughtful and humorous contributor who's input was valuable. RIP.