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How are civilians legally requried to address members of the CF

Ironically - where I work, some of the civilians are more hung up on their "ranks" than us uniform-wearing folk.  Example - (forgive me if I flub the details, PS rank structure confuses me).  PG-5 has an ENG-4 working for him, but the ENG-4 says that they're the same "rank" and therefore shouldn't be working "for" him.  ARGHHH!  Just get the job done, already, who cares?
[Insert Random Name] said:
I just end up calling everyone sir/ma'am and hope I don't get into trouble for it.  ;D

And, when you call us Sir or Ma'am undeservedly, -- we'll correct you and usually follow it up with "you can call me [whatever]".  ;)
Haggis said:
From working at NDHQ, this has become a personal peeve of mine.  Too often I see official documents, briefs, e-mails etc. drafted and circulated by civilians that refer to CF members by thier given and surnames, with no reference to the rank (I have been so noted in offical project documentation).  Converesly, those same documents will refer to senior civilians as "Mr./Mrs./Madame" etc.

A civilian male grows into the title of "Mister", a lady becomes a "Miss" or "Ms" and adopts, through marriage, the title "Mrs." or "Madame".

But CF members earn their rank through sweat, hard work and, sometimes, blood.  Concordantly, I now refuse to action documentation that does not properly address CF members by thier earned rank.  I send it back to the originators with a request for correction.

Good for you - exactly what everyone should do.
EW said:
I'm sure that many on these boards remember the wives wearing their husbands rank.  Who wants to see that in wives/husbands today - to the extent that it used to be.

shudder - still bad enough sometimes as it is - please don't bring back those times.
Haggis said:
Many civilians in the DND do, in fact, have authority over CF members, but only to a point.    My immediate supervisor is a civilian, so is hers and hers is the ADM, also a civilian.  I address my boss by her given name, at her request, but only in unoffcial dealings.  My Director and DG and ADM all get a "ma'am" out of me, regardless of the context of our e-mails, meetings etc.   

Interesting. Context is everything. When I'm working on base (I'm a civilian) I address CF members by rank (Private, Captain, Colonel, etc). They, in turn, address me by my position (Padre). The members I know more personally I call by first name and they, mine. If it is a private (I meet a lot of those) I usually use the last name at the first instance.

In civilian life I would be addressed by my honourific at the first instance (Rev. Bloggins) and as Mr. at the second and subsequent instances.