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HMCS Calgary CO & XO Relieved Of Duty- January 2020

From what I gather in the media industry , it can be a bit of : "Yea you were famous but what have you done for me lately?" from the editor. so produce something that gets clicks or starve.
Unless your 'value add' is generally negative, of course :)

Schitts Creek Comedy GIF by CBC
Just saw the video.......well done lad.

EDIT: Rereading this thread I guess I had seen it, guess it wasn't memorable enough, so the Navy brass made it surface again? That's how I'm seeing it....
ATI, we were discussing this item this morning. The usual suspect trying to make chicken salad out of chicken shit.
Speaking of ATI, did anyone see the big giant ATI regarding UDI? I wonder where that's going.
Unit Disciplinary Investigation
And the reasoning for a UDI?

A young soldier I'm acquainted with who has moved on to Toronto FD taped his TICs in Afghanistan then went on TV on a pretty well rated show.

IIRC he got 7 Days Extra Work and Drill for his efforts - along with being told "next time you do this consult us first".
When people asked us for information we could not give out. We would point them in the direction of the ATIP office and often suggest they ATIP a specific file number, a few weeks later we get the request, copy the information and it goes back to the ATIP office for clearance. Reduced the workload for everyone.
Did the navy ever charge anyone for watching the video? That was a pretty solid threat.
This popped up on Vice as well, but it also included the ATI release. I noticed that someone didn't go through and delete all the email addresses, so every single person there is now has their forces email address in the public domain. The email chains are pretty funny to read, but I'm on Team Capt(N) Peschke here; he's the only one that showed a bit of common sense and agree it should be required viewing in the weirdroom as some precautionary humble pie.

Hopefully the spam filter is up to snuff, it will be busy! That seems like a big mistake on the ATI office side, but that's par for the course. Hilariously they seem to have censored the actual video title, which is a bit baffling.

Canada's Navy Furious Over Sailor's Parody of Mid-Tier Mötley Crüe Song