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Help identify Notman photo - military uniform, circa 1880's Montreal?


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Hello there. When my grandmother passed away 10 years ago we found this photo in a box of family photos. Her mother lived in Montreal and was well to do. Her mother had several photos of herself done by Notman (as well as other family members that we have identified) circa Montreal in the 1880's. She never mentioned a member of the family in the military from that line. Perhaps he was a friend, but we are not sure. I took the photo to Vimy House in Ottawa a few years ago and the historians there were unable to get a positive identification of the military unit. The most they were able to offer was that he was wearing a uniform of the Princess of Wales Own Regiment, and that he was Canadian because of the heavy winter gloves. They said the sword is an infantry sword. I plan on visiting McCord Museum in Montreal where the Notman photo collection is held to see if I can find more details. All that we can read from the photo is the word Notman and Montreal. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.