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Hi guys and girls,

This is my first post and was just wondering if someone could answer a question I have.  I've looked through the forums and seen that some other people had similar topics, but with constant searching I never really found a satisfying answer for myself.  I apologize in advance if the answer is out there and I just can't find it for whatever reasons.

Anyways I've recently applied to join the reserves in the Artillery section.  I did well on my CFAT and interviews.  I went for my medical and everything went fine.  He asked me questions then sent me to my doctor for extra information regarding my headaches.  It's been a few weeks now since I've heard from their office.  I've read some other posts and noticed some people were rejected due to headaches.  I don't get my headaches often and I haven't had one in about 2 years.  If anyone can give me any form of feedback to if I'm going to get denied or accepted for this would be great.  I know it could be a hard question to answer because it's really up to this particular Doctor.  But anything would greatly help, from other people experiencing this before.

Also would this effect me from join the Regular Forces Infantry in the near near future?

Thanks in advance.
This is a question to be directed purely and surely at the recruiting centre and the doctor that examined you.  This forum has no way of knowing your individual situation and cannot make any medical recommendations nor offer hope or counsel on any medical determinations.

The bottom line is that we don't know - the CFRC may know, AFTER it gets your doctor's recommendation.

Sorry we aren't of more help, but this is, after all, an anonymous internet forum that does not know you or your situation.

Best of luck on your efforts to join the CF.

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The Milnet.ca Staff
That is impossible to guess at. We don't know what your doctor wrote, or what the opinion of the doctor reading your doctors letter is going to be.
We didn't diagnose you when you had a headache either.

About the only thing you might get here, are other stories about headaches, similar to the posts you already looked at.

As far as the regular force infantry question, There is only one universal standard of service when you are applying.  doesn't matter what you
are applying for.

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