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Grades pour les officiers


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sorry for my mistakes, i am a french speaker.
Je souhaite obtenir des informations sur l'avancement des notes. J'ai entendu dire que pour le DEO, après le qmbo, vous avez obtenu le grade de sous-lieutenant et après la qualification complète à gagetown pour les métiers de combat, vous avez obtenu le grade de lieutenant. est-ce correct ?
Combien d'années après le grade de lieutenant pour devenir capitaine ?
I would like to obtain information on the advancement in ranks. I heard that for the DEO after the qmbo you get the rank of second lieutenant and after the full professional qualification in gagetown for the combat trades you get the rank of lieutenant. is it correct ?
How many year after lieutenant rank to become capitain ?
C'est pour quelle metier? Infanterie, Blinde, Artillerie...?
Danilo, the promotion to Captain is granted automatically 3 years after commissioning, if the officer has successfully finished their initial occupation training. For a DEO, this would be 3 years from the day they start BMOQ (commissioning is backdated to the start of the course). Lieutenant is granted one year from commissioning, or after completion of initial occupation training, whichever comes first. As such, the elapsed time between promotion to Lieutenant and promotion to Captain varies. This is the same for the majority of trades, excluding specialists (Legal Officers, Medical Officers, etc.).