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General Medical Questions [New Recruit]


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Hello guys! I know no one will be able to give concrete answers to my questions, but I’m hopeful that someone will be able to give me an idea of what to expect regarding my condition.

I’m 23 years old, 6’ 0”, 200 lbs; I played football from 2013-2019 and suffered some injuries during my playing time, which were:

Rt. ACL tear [sustained May 2015, repaired January 2016 with patellar graft]

L4-L5, L5-S1 disc herniations [sustained March of 2017, physiotherapy over following months helped me back to normalcy]

The most notable things regarding these injuries is that I played offensive line, meaning I was fairly overweight during this time which I believe exacerbated the situation [my playing weight was around 270-280 lbs], and I suffer from no symptoms related to either injury now.

I was medically cleared to continue playing football immediately following a CT scan on my back, I believe I may have missed one weekend of practice when they were discovered. I played 2 years of football after the injury, with no hiccups.

My surgeon stated that my knee was “as solid as ever” in each follow-up I had after my ACL tear.

Does anyone have a general idea of what I can expect from my medical report after completion of the exam? I have far healthier habits than I did when these occurred, and I think my weight loss [80+ lbs] has really helped make any potential symptoms go away.

For context, I am applying for the Meteorological Technician trade.

Thanks for reading!