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funny sttory


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kay I'm helping out with drill heheheh....so I notice the cadets aren't marching quite right so I yell out "Get thoughts Arms up Cadets" and all of them jump I guess I'm loud either that or the hall we are in has great echo anything funny happen to when your a cadet? ha ha mine was my LT. she was like a ninja she's come outta no were like one time I was in rank I was a quartermaster :p my pinkies are bent and I didn't hear and she when "Mr Robertson unbend thoughts fingers" I jump and replied "Jesus Christ! ma'am I can't!" she scared me she walked lightly for a peragent lady!

Red Army jacking up one of it's own! oh well it was needed.

jeez thanks I gathered my gammer isn't good so you wanna know what suck it up. I find that very rude and I will not post on this fourm again I don't care if you though it was being cute or not I found it rude...
CI.Robertson - See the highlighted part of the guidelines.  This is a forum for professional discussion, grammar and spelling go hand in hand with that.

Kyle Burrows said:
There will be no
  • Flaming other members
  • Swearing
  • Spamming
  • Excessive use of smileys
  • Pulling of Rank
  • Beating of the carcasses of already deceased animals.
  • Inappropriate Discussion

Spelling and Grammar:
Your spelling WILL be acceptable.  That is why the Spelling and Grammar thread is there.  If you fail to use Spellcheck and your post is truly incomprehensible you will recieve an informal warning.  If your posts continue as such I will remove them and you WILL be placed on warning status.

Remember that the Spell Check button is only a few centimetres to the left of the Post button.

Your Knowledge:
It has been brought to my attention that some of you are talking way out of your league and posting things without backing up your answers with proof. To CF members that is a really large peeve of theirs and it is clearly understood by me and many of the cadets here.  Remember that it is OK to ask questions if they relate to the thread subject..But if you clearly cannot support your answer then DON'T!

I have seen the phrase : "Stay in the cadet fourms"  said many times by possibly some of the members who are most patient with the cadets. So clearly there is something wrong.. If someone asks a valid question about a weapon or equipment possibly. Only answer if you have proof...Clearly a cadet telling people what kind of sniper rifle is better without providing any proof or telling of their experience thats going to tick people off real bad.

Pulling Rank:
Problem: Some members have shown disrespect to some moderators because of their rank, myself included. Here is the thing.  I don't mind joking, kidding around, etc but I do mind when you dont follow the rules and I'm forced to speak to you and you come back with some smartbum remark.  THERE IS ZERO TOLERANCE ON THIS.

Solution: As said ZERO tolerance. Be a smartbum because I'm doing my job then you will not like the unhappy me...also..warnings may follow.

Starting Multiple Threads covering the Same Subject

We don't need a brand new thread for every cadet who goes away to camp. We also don't need a thread dedicated to each individual course, please refrain from starting new threads when you can easily add on to an old one. This holds especially true for those that feel the need to dedicate a thread to each year they go to camp, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that if everyone did that we would have zero bandwidth. If you feel that you need a dedicated thread to cover a specific topic then go ahead, otherwise please keep it to one.

Also, about starting threads, if you have one locked do not just go and start a new one to pick up where you left off. Threads get locked for a reason and anyone feeling the need to go around the Staff and do whatever they like will get an introduction to the Warning System.

This has been compiled from the other threads that were stickied.  They are now gone.
Any problems may be brought to the attention of myself or Scott.

Inappropriate Discussion:

Recently there have been some issues regarding inappropriate talk inside the cadet forum.  To ensure the issue is dealt with, the moderator staff has agreed that anyone posting inappropriately regarding any of the following;

  • Sex
  • Drugs
  • Drinking
Will face a ban.  There are no exceptions.

With regards to sexist and racist comments, the same rule applies.

If you have any questions, you may send me a PM, or email me at burrows@army.ca.

Kyle Burrows
Army.ca Directing Staff (Acting)
CI Robertson, your spelling and grammar are poor. This isn't an opinion or a personal slam, it's a fact. Someone pointing it out to you is not a personal attack, nor is it a violation of the TOS. You are expected to have an acceptable grasp of English or French in posting here. If you cannot be bothered to run your posts through a simple spell checker, then it's no one's fault but yours that others are picking up on the mistakes.

Case closed. Stop reporting this to the Mods.