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Fun at RMC?

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The question was "was there any fun to be had".

When you take any answer to that question and strip it down to the raw base you get something resembling a "yes or no" answer. There's really no need for a comparison to be made.

But, even though your question doesn't directly relate to what OP was asking, I will try to answer anyway.

"How fun is it"

Answer: "It's a blast", "It's TONS of fun", "It's the most boring thing I've ever had to endure on the face of this planet", "You would enjoy it a lot, but it's not my thing", etc...

Comparing it to something else is definately ONE WAY to convey "how fun" it is on to someone else, but it definately isn't necessary.
Ok folks, time for the "FUN" police to come in.

Refer back to Journeyman's post above.  "FUN" is what you make it, but the pissing contest will have to stop now.

Locked.  Normal procedure applies if there is anything more relevant to add later.

The Milnet.ca Staff
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